Recently, I was asked by a woman why I wrote about more than fashion.  This new blogger was wondering why I did more than just post a different outfit every day and would not just stick to the clothes.   Why was I more into lifestyle blogging….

On my blog, you are likely to find products for improved health, book reviews, beauty products, tips about hair care, and also inspirational thoughts…. many facets of our lives midlife and beyond; as well as, ideas and inspiration for clothing.

The reason is simple…we are not one dimensional.  In order to experience joy and success later in life, we must care and give attention to the total package.  Though it was later in life I learned this….at least I learned it.
The ability to be completely confident involves all of the pieces working together on our behalf.

There will always be an emphasis here on the clothing and personal style I love so much…but, you will also find more…no apologies for that…in fact, I think it is necessary.  I hope to keep you informed and inspired in 2016 so you can be your best, confident YOU!

Remember to join JENNIFER and me tomorrow for HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT…we have something fun for you to do!

Until Then, Happy Saturday!

Outfit…Many of the exact pieces are not currently available…will link directly when possible…

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