Would You Wear It: Pattern Mixing

It is already the middle of the week and time for Would You Wear It Wednesday!  We returned to this feature last week with an extreme print…so let’s keep discussing prints…

Would you wear the outfit on your left…the skirt and polka dot top.
I also think it helps us to know your age range when you comment…if you don’t mind sharing…and why you love or hate the look!

So, ladies, would you wear it??? (I could be hokey and ask if you are a fan…since there are fans on the skirt!!)

Happy Middle of the Work Week!!


  1. I'm 63 and I would not wear this. I'm heavier and the length is too short on me. I also tend to be fairly conservative in my dressing, more classic and traditional. As a former government office worker, I tend toward suits and classic sheath dresses. This outfit looks great for someone much much younger.

  2. My initial thought would be to pair the skirt with a solid black top, but the more I look at the outfit I realize that would be sort of boring and the polka dots actually add to the interest of the skirt. YES! I would wear this. (chronologically 54. mentally it is hard to say…)

  3. I'm 55, at first I was sceptical, but after a moment or two, think it is rather splendid for a special occasion. Witty and wise arm coverage, just above the knee – I like it.

  4. I'm a short pear-shaped 55+ and I'd probably wear if it the patterns were reversed -polka dots on bottom, print on top. I might also wear the printed top on the other model with the skirt/sweater instead of the polka-dot shell. It would kind of create a column of color. Overall the skirt with it's two horizontal lines i the pattern is not something I would go for as it would make me look even more pear-shaped.

  5. Sure, I would wear this if I were still having hot flashes. It would be so convenient to have several fans within reach. I am in my 60s: finished with power surges.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I'm 56 and wear a lot of black (I'm a professional pianist, so that my work color much of the time). My style is classic with a bit of an edge. This outfit fits that description perfectly. Love it!

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