Would You Wear It…Friday Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I wasn’t able to do a look for Wednesday…..so, here is another outfit for you to consider; but on a different day!  (Jacket is a faux leather-look with cutouts)  I am the one all over town taking pictures of outfits fashioned by store personnel!  It does help to know your age…when evaluating a style…so, ladies, tell us…Would You Wear It?????

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Pam, thank you so much for visiting (thank goodness for laptops!)
    It is a darling jacket, not one I picture for myself though!

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    Dream of Spring

  2. It is too boxy for me too. I would want it much tighter, with darts, and almost shrunken, and then I'd put a longer black T-shirt underneath it and a few thin long necklaces over it. The yellow flower brooch I would pin to a big straw bag! I love that look in summertime. xx

  3. I would wear it in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, if I could go to the shop now where this jacket is sold, I would. And buy it if it looked good on me. And I am 61, so no age problem. I am also tall and that helps.

  4. The pants and yellow sweater may look nice on me. I'd have to see how that shade of yellow looks with my skin and hair, but the jacket isn't for me, and the big yellow flower on the jacket looks like it might be a trick and squirt water in someone's face. I really like fellow commenter, Jill's, idea of pinning the yellow flower to a straw purse. I think that would be cute as an accent with the yellow top and black pants. I would never have thought about it on a straw purse had it not been for Jill's idea.

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