Would You Wear It…Saturday Edition!

Happy weekend everyone…today we are evaluating a white pant outfit with a gold scarf thrown on top!  Again, I kind of peruse mannequins and store displays to find out what you think!  So tell us, would you wear it????  

And remember, tomorrow is Hit Your Style Sweet Spot…the topic has to do with peer pressure at any age!

Jennifer and I hope to see you then!!

Have a fun day!


  1. It's stunning – and it would be colored black on me five minutes after I put it on. Beautifully elegant, but not for me. So for me, alas, NO. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. I think it is very pretty for someone in a different location, living a different lifestyle than I am. My little Fuzzy black Pomeranian would give those beautiful winter white slacks a black fur cuff almost up to the knees.

    The lovely scarf with this outfit is something I could/would wear often.

  3. I would look at someone wearing it and go "Wow. Gorgeous." I would never buy white slacks though 'cause I could never keep them clean. Women who can keep white clothes clean in NYC are a rare breed!

    Reminds me of one of my trips home when my folks were in Hawaii and my sister and I went home for a visit. We'd gone to a Crazy Shirts store (Hawaiian-themed t-shirts, been around for years) and we were looking at their thing-dyed collection. They had wine-dyed, and money-dyed, and chocolate-dyed, and then they had t-shirts dyed with the local rust-red dirt. My sister said she would never wear one because when she was in high school (late 70's/early early 80's), white slacks were trendy, and she said "I just remember trying so hard to keep the red dirt off of my white slacks!"

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