Hello everyone, I am still discussing some of the challenges I have faced in beginning a new career at age 62!  I went from 16 years in a high school classroom, to returning to the business world with a focus on writing for various media; blogging; and work as a marketing consultant.  Those are all fields which require networking for growth.  

At first there were a few butterflies and doubts about what others would think…but now, I just plunge right in.
I breathe deep and call on my courage to go to luncheons and events with confidence. And I must add…working with younger bloggers has been so much fun.

The last photo was taken at the time I asked Tim Gunn a question about fashion designers over 50 on Project Runway.  So, I say to you in the spirit of Tim Gunn…it is time TO MAKE IT WORK…and get out with the crowd. Check into local professional organizations and join in…you just might be surprised at the doors which open.
I am not going to be the youngest or the cutest, but I do believe I have much to offer and it really is fun! I have discovered so many story ideas, blog post ideas, and potential clients from going to events.   If you are considering a career reinvention, then go forward with courage to meet new people. learn about today’s business world, and to do new things.  It is possible and it will put a smile on your face!

Now, I hope if you are a blogger, you will hop right on to the Thursday Blog Hop with us, and if you are a reader…there are great reads here.  Please take some time to enjoy!

Have a Fabulous Thursday!

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It’s time to share your blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop!

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