Since I first began to wear makeup and color my hair, I have loved and trusted L’Oréal Paris…one smart company. Why? Because, they recognize the importance of developing PRODUCTS FOR MATURE WOMEN…they understand our frustrations with sagging, wrinkles, age spots, dryness, and thinning of skin.  They have developed product lines like Age Perfect and Revitalift…and hired our favorite beauty icons (LIKE DIANE KEATON) to represent them.  However, ladies, they have just upped their game with new products for our fabulous 50 and beyond group…and I have found some to be excellent.

I was so pleased to come home recently and find a beautiful L’Oréal Paris box waiting on the porch for me full of these new products to sample. Today, I am going to introduce you to my favorites so far.  This EXTRORDINARY OIL NOURISHING SHAMPOO is wonderful and full of five oils…argan, chamomile, coconut, amla, soja, and sunflower oil.  My husband and I are both like it a lot.   He has a full head of silver gray locks which are often tough to control and this shampoo has done it.  We love the results, and it smells wonderful. In fact, I like it better than my expensive salon shampoo.  Then, it works so well when partnered with….

It has been difficult over the years to control my frizz..but the new EXTRAORDINARY TRANSFORMING OIL IN CREAM  does it with an oil complex. Because it is a cream, it did not make my hair too oily…which has happened before with other products.  I like it and the results earn the highest marks.

Perhaps my favorite so far…the BROW STYLIST PREP AND SHAPE PRO KIT. I love how complete the kit is and I was very pleased with the product on my brows.  Now I don’t have to look for my husband’s tweezers!

I was skeptical of this one, but ended up really liking it.  A facial oil with a sunscreen…how cool is that.  AGE PERFECT FACIAL OIL AND SUNSCREEN absorbs well, so makeup goes easily on top.  This is another product my husband also liked. 
We needed a good sunscreen for the face and the fact it is a hydrating oil is perfect.
I have more to introduce to you later, but these were so exciting to me, I wanted to get the word right out.  I also want to thank L’Oréal Paris for caring about us with quality, affordable options for the woman of a certain age.  Love it!

Now, a big thank you to Cathy for including me in her group of fashion bloggers she has learned the most from.  Find HER POST HERE…or click on the image…

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!

Disclaimer:  Products were provided for review, but the words are my own.  

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