In San Antonio, Phyllis Browning is known for the real estate empire she built.  She founded PHYLLIS BROWNING COMPANY as it’s founder and President for 19 years, and since 2008 has served as its CEO and Chairman.  Her daughter took over the company and Phyllis has more time as mother of three and grandmother of six, community leader, philanthropist, and still handle listings.

She was recently featured in the SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL written by Nancy Preyor-Johnson as a local Legacy Leader, and here is what caught my attention after discussing the changes in Browning’s roles:

“And she certainly hasn’t given up her polished, professional look – even outside the office.  ‘I will not even go into the grocery store if I am not dressed,’ Browning said. ‘I sit in the car and tell my husband he has to go in.’
Her reasoning? It’s all about garnering respect. ‘People look up to you more if you are dressed professionally. Real estate agents should be respected, not looked at as a sales person to avoid,’ she said. ‘If a doctor dressed in tennis clothes or an attorney in jogging clothes, you would not want to give them your business. It’s the same in real estate.'”

This is how successful people over 50 think!

Even more to consider… from one younger…yet, so wise…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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