I have been thinking and writing about strong women lately.  I guess because so many women have told me in their second half of life they want to be seen as strong, intelligent women and be taken seriously.
Here is a woman much younger…my daughter.  She is one of the strongest women I know.  She literally lives a world away from me, and cares for her two young sons and her husband, and also works a part time job for the University of Hawaii….but not in Hawaii!  She is amazing!   I wish I possessed one tiny drop of her courage.

I will be walking with a group of strong women next week as I travel to the BLOGGERS AT MIDLIFE CONFERENCE.  When I speak, I will discuss points around purpose…and strength!  

Do you feel stronger or less in your journey over 50?  Please answer…and I will see you tomorrow for another HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT with JENNIFER.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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