Here’s to Strong Women…May We Be Them!

I have been thinking and writing about strong women lately.  I guess because so many women have told me in their second half of life they want to be seen as strong, intelligent women and be taken seriously.
Here is a woman much younger…my daughter.  She is one of the strongest women I know.  She literally lives a world away from me, and cares for her two young sons and her husband, and also works a part time job for the University of Hawaii….but not in Hawaii!  She is amazing!   I wish I possessed one tiny drop of her courage.

I will be walking with a group of strong women next week as I travel to the BLOGGERS AT MIDLIFE CONFERENCE.  When I speak, I will discuss points around purpose…and strength!  

Do you feel stronger or less in your journey over 50?  Please answer…and I will see you tomorrow for another HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT with JENNIFER.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. I am literally stronger now at 63 than I have ever been thanks to CrossFit. Lifting weights, flipping 250 lb tires, rope climbing, pull ups, push ups, and burpees – who knew working out hard could make you feel so young?

  2. I am not flipping trees, Candace but my strength training has helped me in many ways! It does help me to be mentally stronger…though I still do not look forward to it, I like the results! Thanks for stopping by…

  3. I was a shy kid and when I was diagnosed I didn't talk about it much. Obviously that has all changed. AT 57 I want to talk about how to face the challenges that inevitably happen to us all. Unfortunately I am not being chosen to speak about it at events that are not health-related. But that won't stop me from trying. Enjoy BAM. I'm sure your panel will be wonderful.

  4. You keep trying, Cathy! You are a super star and will be missed a lot this week. Thanks for the encouragement. I wish you were there to see you wonderful smile!

  5. I am stronger than ever before in many ways, softer in a few others (as in being less judgmental and harsh than in my younger days). My body could use a bit of strengthening, though. Wish I had stronger resolve in exercising! 😀

    Wish I could attend the conference. Best to you in sharing your inspirational messages with the women!

  6. I am so much stronger in my 50's and have learned boundaries while still being thoughtful. My husband and I had rough years in our 20's and 30's with an unexpected death of a brother at age 30, a family business that closed up, parents who went bankrupt, another brother who came forward with a drug problem and when I look back it was a lot to handle and that age with 2 little kids. I made some poor choices too and regret those. I did my best but was not equipped with the skills I have now. Thankfully everything turned around for us and life is wonderful. 🙂

  7. I wish you could be there also, Lisa! Thanks for the kind words. Let me confess right now…I hate exercising! But when I saw the words OSTEOPOROSIS on a doctors form, I knew I had to and I really am glad I started though it was a challenge in every way to start at age 60! But, I tripped the other day and was able to catch myself…in the past, it might have meant a broken bone. I really encourage you to give even just a walk a day a try…you will be pleased with the results!

  8. Stronger and definitely wiser, wherein lies strength. Considering what I have been through in life and that few believed I would ever make it…..gave me the courage to start a new career at 68.

  9. You know, I made so many poor choices…we all do, but like you I want to grow by them and not be defeated by them. You have persevered through much and I know you are a great encouragement to those around you. Thank you for sharing your journey of strength.

  10. At 63, I am definitely a much stronger person than I was in my younger years. Along the way, a number of life experiences had the potential to leave me broken or to give me strength. I chose to use them as stepping stones toward growth. Physically, my strength was diminished by health issues over the past couple of years, but after more than a year without lifting weights, I'm finally back to lifting what I was two years ago!

    Elaine@Following Augustine

  11. You are an inspiration, Elaine! Thanks for sharing to keep others pushing forward. Looks like your decisions have taken you to the right places! It really is about the choice to persevere and not allow those life experiences to shut us down!

  12. I love that picture of your daughter!
    I definitely am stronger now than in younger years. I care less now about being judged or what people think, however I know what people see of me outwardly of is important.
    I know myself better and accept myself. I am more sure of myself.
    And, my walk with God has grown stronger and deeper.

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