Summertime, Happy Feet, and San Antonio Shoemakers!

It started this week…that thick humid, temps- nearing- ninety- plunge toward the summer heat we all know in South Texas.  It is a time when feet swell and by the end of a work day, just want freedom.  That is one of the many reasons I love SAN ANTONIO SHOEMAKERS..known as SAS Shoes. 

These fun  SANIBEL PEWTER SANDALS will await me at the end of a long summer’s day and on weekends…and traveling through airports…and running errands…when comfort is key and my feet just want to say AHHHH.

I first introduced you to the craftsmen at SAS in a series of posts I wrote a couple of years ago, found HERE and HERE.  I actually watched them make shoes in the local factory and met their employee family workers, some have passed these jobs from generation to generation. I am not kidding about the exclamation, because when I slipped these  sandals on, they were so smooth and comfortable.  They are also one of the few sandals which include a buckle over the toe for adjusting…and come in several fun colors. 

The NEW SAS CATALOG is their best yet with styles for the whole family…I am eyeing this pair of RED BALLET FLATS.  I write often of how I struggle with funky feet and SAS has helped in so many ways.  I have watched women spend literally thousands of dollars going to specialty places for insets which ultimately did not work.  These are some of the women I worked with in my short stint in retail last summer.  SAS helped to get me through those five hour-on -your- feet shifts!  #happyfeet

I am proud to say Happy 40th anniversary to the craftsmen at SAS and so proud to have them located in our city!  If your feet need to discover some happiness…please give them a try!

And have a very happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.  


  1. I wore SAS loafers years ago. Good "teacher shoe"! They are located next to our Macy's. I'll check it out. Enjoy your blog and can't wait to find out your next chapter!

  2. Toe buckles. Comfy feet. I hear you. I didn't know SAS was American made or what the initials stood for; that in itself will make me check them out for my next pair of sandals. (already looked online). Alana

  3. I have seen this brand of shoes before, but never knew what the SAS stood for. Now, I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled wide for them. I never would have guessed that the buckle was also functional!
    I've come to that time in my life where I've discovered my feet need GOOD shoes, so this post is right up my alley. Thanks, Pam!

  4. I have never seen a sandal with a toe buckle, how interesting! I will have to check them out for this summer, its hard to find a sandals that are cute and comfy!

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