Floral Designs for Women Over 50

Did I say florals?  Is that me in a floral design?  The blogger who said she is not a fan of florals? Yep…that’s me!  I found this beautiful, FLORAL PONCHO on sale at CHICO’S…read the reviews…looked at the price with my Passport discounts and free shipping…and said…Let’s try it!  I love it!  It has resulted in a strong confident look!

I paired it with my Traveler’s NO TUMMY BLACK PANTS and ballet flats…good to go! The poncho is on sale HERE!

As in all things, I have learned it helps so much to be open and teachable.  Though most florals make me feel “old,” this one makes me feel “young.”  It depends on the design, the fabric, and the fit!  It is the second floral pattern I have purchased recently, but that is as far as it goes…for now.

I also need to be teachable at work. It did not take me long during my college years to learn
that humility and possessing a teachable spirit would get me farther than
entitlement.  My first media job was as
receptionist at a television station…I knew it got me in the door.  It would not be long before I joined the
early morning news team…then returned to the front desk as soon as we were off
the air each day.  The desire to get in those
doors and serve has really been the way I opened so much opportunity in my
working life.

I am well into my second week working for a local magazine
publisher and the phrase I have said the most is, HOW CAN I HELP?  I have asked them to teach me what I need to
know about their organization and I have willingly done odd jobs from answering
the phones to running errands.  At the
same time, I started two new features on our website…one is called THE DAILY, and the other is a new blog
called OFF THE FREEWAY, on SAN ANTONIO WOMAN.  So far, so good for career reinvention after 60.

At work and in fashion selections!  Be Teachable!

Happy Wednesday!

(Plan now to join Jennifer and I on Sunday for a special Hit Your Style Sweet Spot featuring fashions from Chico’s)  Plus make sure you listen on Sunday for our next Blab


Disclaimer:  Traveler’s pants were provided by Chico’s.  There are affiliate links within this post.  The words, photography and styling are all my own!


  1. I absolutely love that top! I think florals are very wearable if, as you said, you are mindful of the design/pattern. Small florals can tend to look 'old' and frumpy to me, but these big bold sweeps of florals are modern and beautiful. I would consider this more graphic than standard floral. Makes all the difference! Beautiful!

  2. First, I have to say one of my favorite tangible takeaways from the conference are those pictures. I love mine as well. Next it surprises me that you view florals as old/make you feel old. Perspective is such an intriguing thing. For me I look at florals and think: not for Carla 🙂 but I look at that poncho and think: maybe maybe 🙂

    1. I think what Karen was saying about the smaller floral prints is perhaps what I shake my head over. There are some prints and garment designs which make me feel older when I look at myself wearing them…lace is another one I struggle with…however, like this garment, I might find a lace someday I like! Thanks for stopping by Carla…love to hear from you!

  3. You look marvelous! The large print and the cut and color are just right. This is my favorite outfit on you. (At least, so far! You always look great!) Thanks for sharing!! I am not a big floral print gal myself, but I love your outfit.

  4. What makes this work is scale. Bigger is better. Hmmm. I bought a different one from a different store yesterday. I thought I'd try it for a laugh, but loved it.

  5. i was getting caught up on my email inbox when I saw this post and had to comment. YOU LOOK FABULOUS. That top is very flattering to your figure and coloring. I am one who doesn't think that florals are frumpy. You are correct that a person must consider design, fabric, and fit but that applies to any article of clothing.


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