Tea Time…Special Touches for Special People

On Monday, I mentioned attending a graduation celebration last weekend.  It was such an honor to be there, for the graduate selected only 12 women to attend a wonderful dinner in her honor.

We were served an amazing four course meal, and a little after 4:00 PM, tea and scones were served…this was my beautiful cup from the grandmother’s collection.

The brand was the house tea from THE DORCHESTER in London.  They began afternoon tea in The Promenade in 1931, and now boast of many awards and are known for celebrating the best of British heritage.

I also want to add…and, please, do not shoot the messenger, but the dress code for tea at the Dorchester is called smart casual.  You are NOT ALLOWED to wear baseball caps, beanie hats, sportswear, trainers, flipflops, shorts….or ripped jeans! (Thank you!)
The tea was fabulous…the best I have ever tasted…and I have tried many teas. This one is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors and a hint of lemon…medium body.  The flavor was created in honor to Paris.  
  I was so excited I could order the Paris tea on Amazon…and I promptly did….including a couple of extras to use for gifts.   The information is below.  I also am going to practice making scones.  I am so ready to have a group of family or friends over and serve this tea.  It was such an honor and a special moment.  I highly recommend bringing a little bit of the Dorchester home!

Enjoy Your Tea Time!


  1. Your tea description sounded like a wine lover describing their latest favourite tipple 🙂 So glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope you find a good scone recipe – the simpler the better in my opinion 🙂

  2. Can you see me jumping up-and-down?? I was so excited when I saw this post because I've actually been there and done the tea. Now you have me scheming for how I can get it together and bring my child there as well. She would be all in for the fancy dress part.

  3. Yay for their dress code ! I think they could go even further, but that is really showing my age, right? I'm a huge tea drinker so will look at this one!

  4. Sounds so utterly civilized! We could do with implementing more dress codes, in my opinion. I love the china!

  5. Ordering this tea now! I love going to tea. It's such a civilized event. The dress code is perfectly understandable. I wish more establishments had dress codes here. Dressing shabbily, on purpose, is shameful. Now they can shoot me 🙂

  6. What a lovely celebration! The tea sounds wonderful!

    I haven't been to tea in such a long time! I'll have to change that! And, no, I would never wear the items that are not allowed according to their dress code to tea… 🙂

  7. Lovely – and scones aren't hard. Made them for Christmas morning and they were a hit. What a special celebration. And I would never worry about you not wearing the right thing!

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