Your Turn to Answer a Question

Hi everyone, let’s lift our Thursday spirits and have a little fun!  One of these ladies is a retired Major General in the Marines!  Can you guess which one?

Please share with us which one you think it is and why you made that decision!  I will tell you Friday if you are right!  Remember…explain your answer as to why you picked the one you did.

Now, I have some fun summer shopping ideas for you below!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. The only clue I would have is to look for posture. I would think being in the military for so long as to be retired would have an effect. So #2 seems to have a more rigid, non-relaxed posture. Plus she's standing there as if she's used to having a fit body. But perhaps she's spent decades doing bureaucratic work in an office. I would still think she would want to hold herself in an authoritative manner. (then again, #1 appears taller and at least in civilian life taller people tend to get hired and promoted)
    Also, the garments of #2 are more tailored and have those military fastenings. Her hair is much tidier. So in my logic #2 *should* be the one who was shaped by her years in service.

  2. Number Two because of her structured style. (Ofcourse it could be
    number one as she is so damn sick of what was her structured style – tee hee hee)

  3. I say the lady in the top photo. After wearing a uniform and conforming to a rigid appearance definition for her entire professional life, she has now developed her own style and is taking pleasure in her new relaxed appearance.

  4. Of course the lady in the fancy frock in the top picture is the retired marine officer. Having conformed to uniform standards throughout her marine career, she now wants to bring a little fun into her life – and what better way is there than in the clothing she choses to wear!

  5. First inclination is to say #2 (for reasons stated above) but I'm going to vote for #1 as I think it must be a relief to get out of a uniform after so many years and show your own style!

  6. I'd have to go with #2 because she seems no nonsense and structured. Love the "I Am Very Busy" notebook. I saw that in a store recently and had to tear myself away from making an impulse purchase! I might have to rethink that!

  7. Number #1 has the posture too–maybe even better than #2. Love the dress. I went to a formal wedding and wore an irregular hem dress, with irregular hem jacket, that took frumpy into cooler than the 30 year olds–or so I was told.

  8. I'm voting for the second photo as the retired USMC general. I'm basing it on the "uniform" style of dress and the short hair. It would be delightful to find I'm wrong, however! Love the style on the first woman!

  9. I'd guess #1 because she appears less conservative than #2 and that would be contrary to my opinion at first glance, which of course, would be the point. They probably both are former military women.

  10. This seems like a trick question :). Number 2 is dressed more classically and number 2, more feminine. I can't tell based on the personal style they're expressing here. Being in command doesn't change your personal style recipe, while out of uniform.
    My guess? No idea.

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