Career Reinvention Over 60: My New Role

Yesterday, I announced HERE my new role as the Editor of San Antonio Woman Magazine.  The original editor was Beverly Purcell Guerra (middle) who helped to begin the publication 14 years ago.  Nicole Greenberg (R) is the outgoing editor due to needs at home, and I am honored to be handed the reins.

It is not an easy task…but I am going to give it my all.  There is an amazing team surrounding me.  One of the keys to successful career reinvention is to understand the value of the team!  

Also, it is important to understand the times and the market.  We are a successful print publication…in a time when others are throwing in the towel.  So far, our market loves the product!  Understanding the times means the importance of overseeing a strong online and social media presence.

And it is also important to remember the history.  Beverly was amazing.  She actually worked over a 17 year span at Vogue for editors Diana Vreeland, Grace Mirabella, and Anna Wintour.  This was written of her original vision:

” Right away, she envisioned the magazine more
along the lines of Vanity Fair than a traditional women’s publication. In her
initial Letter from the Editor, she wrote: “The goal of the magazine is to
capture the spirit of San Antonio’s women and to write about the issues, the
ideas and the trends that women want to know more about. We will present
creative, stimulating and provocative social and civic issues for our readers.”
In addition, every issue has featured a personality profile and a variety of
articles on the arts, health, food, decorating, finances and homes among other

When speaking of Beverly, publisher Mike Gaffney once said…
 “For all intents and purposes Beverly is SAN
ANTONIO WOMAN,” he says. “The magazine’s content is a direct reflection of her
high standards of quality, which gives us credibility with the readers. She is
not willing to compromise on that. She is also a person who is passionately
interested in this community and has a finger on the pulse of what our readers
are interested in. She keeps the content focused on the people of San Antonio,
and that’s our strength.”
My goal is for Mike to say the same of me one day!
Career reinvention over 60 is possible…hope you will join me for the wild ride!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I'm so grateful we've met in person because I know you get what I'm saying when I say you give me hope. I'm approaching a crossroads and I'm not panicked or worried – – but this gives me hope

  2. I'm so happy for you, Pam! They've chosen a terrific women to take them helm. I wish we had an equivalent here. As you say, print media has its challenges in today's world, but I love to read a great magazine.

  3. Congratulations, Pam. I am a long timer reader, but this is my first comment.
    This is so exciting…. You will do welI! I believe things worked out for the best, when a year+ ago you left your teaching position.

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