Stella & Dot Fall Style: The San Antonio Way

“Use your passion to keep yourself honest:  Are you fulfilled? Do you need something more? These are bold questions to ask.  Don’t be afraid to come up with bold answers.  It’s never too late to pursue what you don’t know and what you passionately want.” – Jessica Diullo Herrin, CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot Family Brands.

Local executive director for STELLA & DOT, Christina Welch hosted a Fall 2016 rollout for the beautiful line last week in San Antonio.  Christina lives what her boss wrote in the recent book, Find Your Extraordinary…she is passionate about what she does.
Our local fashionistas all came out to OOO and AHHH over the gorgeous jewelry.  Everyone was commenting on the beauty and quality of the line.
The ODEON PENDANT NECKLACE is a statement piece and captured my attention immediately.  However, if you look at the more delicate necklace you will see a new line from Stella & Dot called Covet.   I think my daughter and daughter-in-law would love these necklaces…which would be hard for a baby to pull off, they are so graceful and elegant.  Christina is currently taking pre-orders.  Covet also includes a beautiful collection of leather handbags.
But, here is my favorite piece which I want on my own arm!  It is called the ALILA LACE CUFF…it is stunning and I really did not want to take it off.
Something I like about the Stella & Dot necklaces is that many of them can be worn multiple ways and lengths.  It gives so much versatility.  My favorite design which offers options is called the GARLAND FRINGE NECKLACE.
It was a wonderful evening with champagne, cupcakes, a great venue, good company, and, of course, a girl’s best friend…fabulous jewelry.  To see more, just contact Christina at  She will be happy to share more with you and help with orders. 
 Order here the BOOK BY STELLA & DOT FOUNDER (quoted at the beginning of post)  It is very inspirational for all ages.
Keep Smiling!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.  

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