T.G.I.F….How Was Your Week?

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I need to put my feet up for awhile.  Whew….magazine deadlines are intense.

How was your week…what are our weekend plans??

I Hope It Will Be A Good One!


  1. Publishing deadlines are the stuff from which nightmares are made! Congratulations on getting it in on time…….Having a glass of wine to mark the occasion?
    Best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

  2. Hi Pam!
    This has been the longest week ever.
    Congrats on your new adventure of publisher! I am not surprised, you are a strong leader.
    Brian and I are visiting Brad in Boulder next weekend. We are taking the train, then renting a car and after staying in Boulder, we will make our way back through the "sleep over" territory of western Nebraska. Brian has never seen the western parts of our state, and it is beautiful in an empty desolate sort of way ?
    So, I'm getting my wardrobe together, what to pack, getting my fall transitional pieces out to see what's going to work and if I need to pick up a few things. I'm liking plums, olive greens, wine, rust and navy this fall. And long vests.
    Take care!

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