Autumn Home Decor For Family Traditions

Last week, I found myself in a conversation with four other women about holiday decorations in our homes.  This group goes all out for many different occasions throughout the year.

We all shared how much our families love the decorations and look forward to them.

In fact, each woman had a year they were not able to decorate for a big holiday and the families really missed them.

Somehow, the decorations have added to stability, security, and warmth in each home.  A positive seasonal change and celebration of big events…whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or, here in San Antonio, a celebration of Fiesta!  All agreed they saw their own children continuing this tradition in their homes one day.

Sure, it takes time and effort….

But, we all agreed…

It is completely worth it!  A gift we give our families.

So, do you decorate for holidays…what are your favorite ideas??

Keep Smiling!

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