My younger professional self was quite different from my current professional self.  First of all, I wear more neutrals now and love it. 
But, I have noticed many changes since my return to professional life after age 60.

First, I have learned to respond to situations slower and without over reacting.  My younger self would tend to over react or get heated a little too quickly.

Now, I wait to respond and every time my response has been much better than if I had quickly opened my mouth. I wish my younger self had practiced this!

I am not as anxious as before when I cared about moving up the ladder or, on the other end, losing my job.  This time I am a leader and if I were to lose the job for any reason, I know I will find something else to do.  This gives me confidence to speak up with ideas whereas my younger self often kept quite…mostly out of fear.

My current self cares about the whole team and helping to bring the whole team to a point where we all work well together.  My younger self was not as appreciative of the talents of others…now I am fascinated and love the talents of others.

It is amazing how much teaching journalism in high school for 16 years prepared me for this moment.  Learning to inspire and motivate teens is the same with adults.  We all want appreciation!

What hasn’t changed is I still appreciate a good sale.  This summer sweater from EILEEN FISHER AT DILLARDS was in an out-of-season sale a couple of years ago and works perfect for South Texas Climate.  It wasn’t meant for fall, but is great for our type of fall!  I love it with my black pants, tank and flats.  I often pick up Eileen Fisher on sale at Dillards and it keeps me very happy!

Would anyone else like to share what your older self does better now than when you worked younger?

Returning takes humility, hard work, and can be much fun!

Keep Smiling, everyone.


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