Clorox 2 Stain Remover and Color Booster Fixes Inspiration Procrastination

I am so glad I have time to practice!  My whole family …including three grandchildren…will be here for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I want to make cut out cookies, but it has been years since I tackled the task…and I have been procrastinating the practice sessions.

Here is the reason why…..decorated holiday cookies are so messy from the flour, butter, rolling pin, to the very messy food colorings which easily stain clothing.  I always wear aprons, but I want my aprons to be clean and stain-free as well.  Each one of my aprons tells a story of where it originated.  So, I learned early on how to tackle stains from food coloring to gardening and face my special projects fears!  So, for years I have relied on CLOROX 2 STAIN REMOVER AND COLOR BOOSTER.

 This weekend, I decided to practice with the cookies already cutout.  Of course, I selected to practice on a cookie which takes BLACK icing.  The first thing I did was stick a fork in the top of the icing tube and black icing flew all over my favorite apron.  Perhaps, I squeezed the tube a little too hard while I was looking right at it. 

This apron has been through 26 years of cooking and I have always loved to cook.  I got the apron at a visit to Disneyland when my children were young, and it was my takeaway souvenir, but with a product like CLOROX 2 STAIN REMOVER AND COLOR BOOSTER I have been able to keep it clean all those years of creative, experimental cooking.

 In the past, when I have used food coloring, I have always needed to pre-treat the stain and let it sit before placing in the laundry with the Clorox 2 Stain Remover and Color Booster. They say it works four times better than laundry detergent alone…and I have proof of this throughout my household.
For best results with stains like food coloring, try this:

o    Pre-Treat to Remove Tough Stains:
§  Apply this product directly to stains.
§  Rub in gently and set for 5–10 minutes. Do not allow to dry on fabric.

Wash as usual with Clorox 2® product and your favorite detergent. 
It is amazing how it still looks new. What doesn’t still look new is something else I trust (in addition to products like CLOROX 2 STAIN REMOVER AND COLOR BOOSTER)…my original, favorite recipe for decorated cookies…you can tell the recipe has been used since I began my family 32 years ago… I wish the stains on the cookbook were as easy to remove.

It’s the Mary’s Sugar Cookie which is the best…enlarge it, use it and you will know what I am talking about.  Trusted brands are important like this Cookbook has been to me.  I love brands I can rely on and I can rely on the fact CLOROX 2 STAIN REMOVER AND COLOR BOOSTER will keep my favorite apron with me for a long, long time.  For tips on how to get more life and longevity out of your clothing (like I have out of my apron) just go to CLOROX WEBSITE.

Now, back to practice…I only have a few short weeks to get ready before family arrives. When I am ready, BRING ON THE GRANDCHILDREN!

Tell us below what projects find you procrastinating because they are so messy and you could win a fun prize package from Clorox 2.

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  1. It seems like all my projects are messy. I have been procrastinating on dyeing some fabric I use for fabric flowers. I did just overdye one, and used some bleach to lighten it up, but I put it off for a month. I just dragged out a bunch of things I started and didn't finish, that I want to give as holiday gifts, it is messy again as I don't have a craft room, just the living/dining area! stuff everywhere!

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