Back to Work and the Favorite Gift for the Kids!

The past four days have been a whirlwind of family, celebrations, gifts, eating, and eating and eating. I really miss my 16 years in education right now, because the two weeks off was wonderful.  However, I am honored to be working in magazine publishing and headed back to work today.

This way I can ignore the messy house!  The biggest hit of the season was a remote control, really big flying fish!  My son-in-law found it for his young sons!

 And it put a huge smile on this little one’s face!
Today, I am expressing gratitude for all of the new brands I have worked with this past year!  Such an honor to have brought you products from
BALSAM HILL  (tree and ornaments)
PURPLE POPPY  (Unique sweater tunic)
CHICOS (Juliet Pants and Necklace)
I will share more with you this week! But, all of these are great for Women over 50 and all have huge sales in progress!
For now, it is back to deadlines!  Would anyone like to share their favorite gift to give or receive last weekend?  Can you top a huge flying fish??

Happy Tuesday (Which feels like Monday)!