Reflections from 2016: Part I

2016 was such a significant year for me and for my family!  We added a granddaughter, and saw our two young grandsons move from Saipan back to Texas! My husband graduated with his MBA after returning to school later in life! All three of our children are healthy and striving along with two wonderful spouses.  Now, I know this is sounding a bit like on of those letters you receive from family each holiday with the headlines from the past year…but, you know…  after seven years,my blog readers have become my family.  Therefore, I am excited to share with you some of the highlights in my own career from 2016 in two installments!

I selected one word to see me through the year, rather than set specific resolutions.  My word was PERSEVERANCE!  I knew it would require much perseverance as I continued my journey into a career reinvention.  Freelance writing and more blogging took me through the beginning of 2016.

I continued to report on trends and local runway shows to bring readers the new and the re-designed ideas in fashion.  Attending a runway show is as satisfying to me as a new exhibit at our art galleries.  I love the surge of creativity and ideas which appear on the scene.

Also, 2016 brought Eileen Fisher shows to our local Dillards…a coupe for San Antonio!

I also brought readers the latest tips in beauty and makeup.  There were some new and wonderful products introduced this year specifically for women 50+ and it has been exciting to see more brands target and service specifically US!

I brought you many products but these were some of my favorites.  Click on the pictures to go to their links.

Look for Part 2 to see the looks and brands I enjoyed working with for the first time in 2016!  Also, I will include my favorite milestone from the year!

What are your favorite reflections from this past year??

Keep Smiling!


  1. I'm glad that there were many happy occasions for your and your family in 2016, Pam!

    Wishing you health & much happiness in 2017!

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