After seven  years of fashion blogging for women over 50, I have learned to never say never. Of course, I have personal preferences and there are a few things I say no to (still not going to wear jeans with rips in them!)but, I have also learned to be open.  Sometimes after trying on a garment and assessing it according to my own guidelines…I say yes when in the past I might have discounted it.

Such is the case with this trench coat.  At one time, I was a POLYESTER snob. Refused to wear it and looked down my nose at it.  But, when I found this trench a couple of years ago on a Clearance Rack at KOHL’S.  I was drawn to it…the brand is JENNIFER LOPEZ.  I can wear J-Lo clothes with the best of them!! Right?

The coat is 100% Polyester and I really love it.  I get tons of compliments on it also.  It is lightweight and just looks great on.  It is also machine washable.  For our milder weather in South Texas, I get a lot of wear out of it.  I am glad I was open to it…of course, the 50% off price helped to lure me in.  But it fit well and communicated the message of strength and confidence I was looking for!

The necklace is Italian and I purchased it at my new favorite local boutique, ANDIE & BARBARA.

The shoes are the ultra comfortable and stylish TOTAL MOTION SNAKE BALLET FLATS!  These are on sale right now…just click HERE!

I am on deadline with two magazines this week and this is a perfect comfort style for me as we push through.

How do you feel about polyester?  Are you open to wearing it?  This is my favorite garment in my closet that is 100%. 


My husband went back to college at age 58 and graduates this weekend with his MBA!! We have his graduation, a wedding, and a huge company party all this weekend, so it is busy.  But I hope to share some looks I am wearing with you later in the day on Sunday.
See you then and have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay Warm!!

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