JJill: Winter Fashions for Women over 50 + A Confession

We began the week discussing our favorite winter fabrics…I must include JJill in this discussion. This PLAID KNIT PENCIL SKIRT is so soft and warm.  I love it.

Equally as soft is the MOCK NECK PULLOVER…this is a new winter favorite of mine.  Also, JJill has some great savings right now on their winter wardrobe garments.  I love their fabrics…the feel and comfort is excellent.

I also want to be transparent and tell you that I purchased a key piece of clothing AFTER these pictures were taken…a new bra.  If you do not already know, a new bra which is properly fit will hoist those girls up and appear to take off around 10 pounds.  This outfit looks so much better with the new bra and it was these pictures which confirmed…time for a fitting!!  If you have not had a fitting in awhile…then do it!  I always love the results.

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Stay Warm!!



  1. Had to check in, just to see the confession. Come on, the girls look great. Still, a new bra is a simple pleasure that we should all enjoy.

  2. Please do not take this as a criticism but my question is why you chose navy blue tights instead of maybe dark green? I do love the skirt. And the color green which may be why I had the question now that I think about it. Merry Christmas!!

  3. No worries…I love the idea of green tights. The only reason I am in blue is that is what I had on hand. But after your suggestion, I will try to pick up some green. Thanks for the comment! Merry Christmas to you!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love J.Jill; a shocking portion of my wardrobe – especially summer linens – is from them. And the store in the Water Tower in Chicago is staffed by some of the nicest women who have ever lived… AND they have Petite sizes, which is an absolute blessing to those of us who are… arm-length challenged?

    You look gorgeous, as always.

  5. You are so sweet, Janice. I have some of those summer linens as well! It excites me that I know exactly where the JJill in the Water Tower is!! Thanks for stopping by!

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