5 Reasons Column Dressing Works for Fashion Over 50

I know it’s obvious I believe in column dressing.  For those who may not know, column dressing
is taking one solid neutral base and styling on top of it.   I am
often seen in a black or brown column…and occasionally a white one….same color
top and same color bottom.

The benefits for me are these:

dressing is slimming.  It tricks the eye
to believe you are a long, tall, cool glass of water!
It is simple. 
Great wardrobe basics are smart and worth investing in.
It is easy. 
On those morning I am tired …it always works.  The simplest outfit can easily become a work
of art.
It is economical. 
It builds confidence.

Often when I dress with columns, my outfits include fun
accessories…this one combined a little shine and pattern…another one of those
basic rules from the old What Not to Wear!

What do you think of column dressing?  Have you found it works for you?

Have a fabulous Friday!!


  1. Oh yes, I'm under 5' tall. I need to use the column dressing strategy. I do break out of it every once in a while, but if I have a presentation or interview, I column dress and don't wear pastels.

  2. Thanks for this article. I am also shorter and find dressing in one base colour really looks chic and makes me appear taller. I also like that you style with flatter shoes. I’ll admit that heels are smart and slimming but I just cannot wear them. I am resigned to trying to look my best with flats. Love your use of scarves – they liven up and finish off any outfit.

  3. Heels are smart…but no longer smart for my feet! Thanks for the comment Yvonne.

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