Fashion Over 50: A Business Casual Story

Recently, I wore this simple outfit to work.  A very stylish 20-something entrepreneur commented,
“I really like how you are dressed today. 
I would wear that!”  I told this
story to someone over 50 later in the week, and she said the comment would have
caused her to never wear the outfit again. 
She would assume she was dressed too young.
After the young lady made the comment, I asked why she would
wear it.  “I like classics,” she
said.  “I also love to wear neutrals and
feel loud colors are not me.”   She loved
the taupe jacket.  My response was, “Thank
you…I consider that a complement!”  The
great thing about classical style is the timeless factor….it is timeless and
works for any age of woman.  I also
consider the young lady who made the comment to be very stylish…I love how she
dresses and would really like to see more millennials follow her lead in the
workplace.  This was an outfit I consider
more business casual and I wore it on a day I was in-office editing.  When I go out to meet people, I pump it up more.
So, how would you have responded…more like the first woman,
or more like me?  Have you ever been
complemented by a much younger co-worker? 
Please share…

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  1. I think you look great, and that your young friend's comment simply meant your look is current. There's nothing "too young" about what you were wearing! It's quite sophisticated and elegantly simple.

  2. I would examine the outfit checking cleavage, tightness, length if it's a skirt. If all prudent then treat it as flattering. I wouldn't not wear it again. I'd wear it more. It would go in my success pile. You are so right, this is classic.

  3. I love the outfit. I would take the compliment as it was intended- that you look stylish and your clothes compliment your figure. You can't beat classics.
    Pleas post links to the jacket, top, and pants.

    1. I have owned all of these pieces so long, there are no links to post. The knit jacket is a Macy's brand and the white travelers top is from Chicos…a top I have worn over and over again for years. The pants are from a local boutique.

  4. I love a compliment. It just makes me feel good, and reminds me how important it is to be genuine and generous in telling others great things about themselves. Taupe looks terrible on me, but I do like it a lot. You look classy!

  5. I'm with you, too. I think we can get obsessive about our age and how others perceive us. A lot of them–especially in a work setting–don't think twice about age differences. we just are who we are. and some of us–like you–have a little more style.

  6. Oh gosh, if someone pays me a compliment it's always a good thing. And really what difference does it make whether the person giving it is younger, older, male, female, etc. What a boost, right? You do look great — what a wonderful look!!

  7. I would also take it as a compliment. There is not anything "too young" about the outfit. It is simple, classic & ageless. It looks great on you.

  8. I would respond like you did, and have. I work with many younger women, and when they complement me I say thank you and look for similar things to wear.

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