When I attended the recent Spring Trend fashion show, I noticed the majority of styles included a jacket just over the shoulders …you can see other pictures HERE.  In fact, the Marketing Director from Neiman Marcus who moderated the evening also wore her jacket on the shoulders.  A couple of days later, I received my new catalog in the mail from Chicos and it looked like this…

So, I get it, perhaps this is more of a styling trend this year. Now, I know this styling is nothing new, but to see so much of it at once, intrigued me. I have always believed a jacket worn this way communicates confidence, power, and strength.  It seemed a good fit for my current job, but I still wasn’t sure if it made sense for my busy life…so I conducted an experiment of wearing the style several days in a row.  I started with the looks you saw HERE on Sunday…. and followed two more days….

Here is what I learned:

1. With my body type, it is difficult to do this and not appear larger.  My chest looks larger and it widens my shoulders.  Perhaps if I was smaller it would look better on me.
2.  At least two of the jackets kept falling off when I would move from my desk.  The last one, a heavier fabric, stayed on the best.
3.  I feel more confident and powerful actually wearing the jacket rather than placing it back over the shoulders.
4.  It might be a good idea once a month with the right jacket.

Are you a fan of wearing your jacket this way…would you share why or why not?  Are you more likely to try it if you see it styled often in Spring Fashion media?

Please share your thoughts about this as a styling technique….

Keep Smiling Everyone!

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