NEW Vaseline® Mature Skin Rejuvenation: A Brand I Trust

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My skin during the winter…is a just like dry, crackly leaves.  I do love a good hot shower and suffer for it…my legs were so itchy and scaly just I was introduced to New VASELINE MATURE SKIN REJUVENATION LOTION.

It brought relief the first day I used it.  I am not surprised, because I have used VASELINE every day since I was 17 to remove my eye makeup and to heal small skin problems.  My dermatologist recently told me to use Vaseline over antibiotic cream to heal small cuts and even had me use it after a couple of small skin surgeries. So, it made sense to me that Vaseline® Mature Skin Rejuvenation would work just as well.  This is A BRAND I have trusted most of my life.

I have noticed my skin to be drier since I went through menopause, and I need lotion daily.  I learned that during that time the levels of estrogen and B-Estradiol decrease and that is why we itch more and eventually have thinner skin which bruises easily.  I certainly remember my mother’s very thin skin as she entered her 80s, and I really do not want to experience the same issues she did.  I also like the fact this product contains Vitamin B3, known to re-balance skin.

So, now both Vaseline and VASELINE FOR MATURE SKIN REJUVENATION are a part of my regular daily routine. The lotion is easy to find at WALMART so it will stay on my counter.  I highly recommend….and it is less expensive than several high end lotions and works amazing!

Now, all say ahhhhhh……#DrySkinHealed

Disclaimer: : Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.

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