6 Spring Shopping Tips for Wardrobes over 50

Yes, it is the first official day of spring!  This often brings on the desire to shop for some bright and beautiful spring clothes…so I thought I would give you a few spring shopping tips for women over 50 before you hit the stores.

I am going to continue my search for skirts and dresses which will help cool me off in our humid warm weather…which leads to our first tip….

1. Have a game plan when you shop!  What are the needs in your current wardrobe?  Where are the gaps you would like to fill? Would you like to participate in a current trend?  Have some idea of your goal.
2. Do not shop on the run.  Allow time for shopping.  For me, fast decisions usually result in returns to the store.
3. Remember…clothing sizes and designs are not standard.  You must try garments on to see how they fit and if they communicate what you desire to say with your clothing.  If it doesn’t fit, don’t immediately plunge into a self loathing pity party.  It is not about something being wrong with you…it is about the garment.  It simply does not fit you…be frustrated with the designer or brand…but move on to another garment and DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP.
4.  There are lots of clothes out there…you will find something which fits you…at your age and body shape you currently are.  Do not give up…consider this a challenge and choose to enjoy the process.  Only buy what makes you say, ” Oh Yeah, This Is It”
5.  The three way mirror is your best friend…if you need to step out of the dressing room to see all sides of the garment, then do it…you need to see yourself coming and going. 
6.  Finally, most major retailers place coupons online.  Before you leave the house, make sure you are armed with coupons for more savings while you shop!  Every little bit counts!

Now, go have some fun with spring shopping!  Also, make a list of the messaging you are looking for in your clothing…what do you want to say about you?

 Do not buy anything which does not bring you confidence and joy!


Happy Spring! 


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