Thought for the Day: Encourage Someone And Your Will Be Encouraged

Every single woman is beautiful.  There is something special about each one of us, but we so often fail to see it. We focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

As editor of a woman’s magazine and a blogger for women, I hear it all day long.  “I am old…I am fat..I have bags…I have wrinkles…”
Few accept a complement without following it with a negative…

One of my daily goals, is to encourage and complement women all day long…whether in the line at the grocery store, in the office, or online.  It always leads to a smile and an open door to conversation.
Encouraging others also takes our focus off our own problems and can brighten our own day in immeasurable ways.

If you are given a complement, smile big and say thank you…without any excuses.  

Then be determined to give complements yourself…it will lighten your own heart and make your day more fun.

There is something beautiful about every woman…hands down true.  Look for it and have others see it through your eyes.

Have a joyful day!


  1. I totally agree Pam. I love seeing the positive reaction when I compliment or encourage others. It makes me feel warm inside. I also agree that every woman is beautiful unfortunately most of us find that difficult to accept about ourselves. You have a gorgeous smile and are always so well presented. Have a lovely day.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. What a wonderful post! I sometime have trouble accepting compliments. I think many of us were conditioned as little girls not to think too highly of ourselves, so we put ourselves down. Good for you for encouraging others.

  3. I do this at work with random women in the halls. But the compliments are sincere. So many smiles and stunned "thank yous" – it does brighten my day to compliment others!

  4. We do naturally fall into the "thank you" followed by excuses. This is not good!Thanks for the reminders here, and yes, it can totally change someone's day!

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