I am smiling for many reasons, but mostly because I just drove my new car…well, it is a used car, but new to me!  For many reasons it was time to make this move! 

I did what I often do on a weekend.  I put on a column of black with a colorful top over it; fun jewelry and carefully selected shoes! This top is from a local boutique; the leggings are JJill; the black V-neck tank is Chicos; and my beautiful cinnamon colored beads were from a re-sale shop.  With so many colors in this top, I can go many directions.

It’s good I was comfortable because the whole process took several hours..trading in a car, finding the car, buying the car! But we were very patient.  My husband and son were with me.

After our salesman, Freeman, went over the final instructions of how everything works, we were saying good bye and about to drive off the lot when he said, “I just have to tell you how much I appreciate the way you look.  I was always taught by my mother to dress nice and it makes a difference.  Your whole family looks so nice.”

Freeman’s mother, Johnnie Mae, grew up in Detroit and only had a fifth grade education, but he said, she always dressed up when she went out for any occasion.  “She taught us that people will treat you with respect when you look nice,” he said.  “It has stuck with me to this day and I always go out looking my best. I just wanted you to know you are doing the right thing to come in here looking so nice.”

Wow, it was great to get a car, but I drove home feeling so encouraged because of Freeman’s words!

No matter the occasion, it is worth it to take time to look your best!

Were you taught to look nice growing up…no matter where you were going!  

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

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