Fashion Over 50: Dealing with Your Mid-Section Part II

This is the rest of the story for dealing with the mid-section.  My complete story is under the page above marked MISSION, but when I woke up to my lack of self care at age 50, I was quite a bit larger.  I did learn to dress the body I had and feel better about myself then…but it would be another ten years before I walked into a gym!

I do not recommend that for anyone; however, if you are entering 60 and think it is too late to start…then throw that thinking out and walk into the gym.  It is surprising how full it is of Baby Boomers.

I have been going to weight training for the last three years.  There have been times of injury…and one operation on my sinuses which were setbacks, but despite those, I have picked myself up and kept going.  My trainer said three years ago that the bulge I carried in my middle would be the last to go. (Bummer!)

While it is still there, it is finally beginning to go!! I see progress which motivates me to keep on keeping on.  I arise five mornings at 4 AM…have a time of stretching and rolling in preparation for my class at 5AM, or the treadmill.   I function better earlier in the morning, and that is where I find my support group and a really awesome trainer.

This has been so important for my health and bones…it has actually slowed progression of Osteoporosis.  Building lean muscle means my body will burn more calories at rest.  It is much more difficult to burn the middle fat with cardio alone.   It took me a long time to believe that and to be motivated to finally see it.

Of course, healthy eating is important along with the training, but even when eating healthy, I was not able to see real progress without the strength training.

Don’t let your age keep you from beginning now….why not have a better quality of life even over 60 and enjoy each and every day with good health.  All you have to do is remember one word all day long…MOVE!

I highly recommend strength training as a way to help deal with the mid-section.  It takes time…perseverance…and determination…but is worth it for so many reasons…remember You Matter. 

Keep Smiling Everyone!


  1. I'm in awe, Pam. Getting up at 4 a.m. to get to the gym at 5 – wow. That commitment motivates me. I was on a roll with weight training for about 3 years, then found yoga about 2 years ago, and between cardio sessions and yoga classes, my schedule filled up. But I know you're right about the benefits of strength training, so back I go. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I've mastered the moving and healthy eating, but I really need to commit to weight training. Unfortunately past injuries when I started to do these exercises have made me avoid revisiting them.
    Thank you for this timely reminder.

    1. I have been injured twice but had great physical therapists who taught me the correct way to stretch and get ready for my workout. I do about 15 minutes of stretch and roller work before I go to my class. I am currently in a long stretch without injury, so i do encourage you to get back on the horse.

  3. I am also a very early riser (morning person), and I work out with walking DVD's (not just walking, truth be told) right in my living room. I know not everyone can join a gym for all kinds of reasons, but that doesn't mean all is lost. I have had tremendous success right in my own home! I do weight training several times per week, also with DVD's, also at home, and yoga, same way. We have so many options available!

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