Health & Beauty Products for Women Over 50

I am always in search of good health and beauty products for you and for me in an effort to look and feel our best over 50.


About two months ago, I began to drink a cup a day of Numi Organic Tumeric Amber Sun Tea.  It is a deaf tea with tumeric and cinnamon. Of course, I do not know for sure it helps with my inflammation, but I believe it has.

I have confessed to you before my problem with emotional eating…particularly, sugar.  After some research, I think this is going to be my best way to tackle it and break free of the sugar addiction.  I will blog about it when I decide when to begin….still reading.  I can’t wait to make recipes like this…


For those of you going through menopause or preparing for it, you might like this book by Lorraine Miano.  She shows the benefits of a healthy approach to this important time of life.  FIND THE MAGIC OF MENOPAUSE HERE

I have tried many dry shampoos of several price ranges, and I really like this Dove product the best.  Five days of the week I try to begin my day at the gym and usually like with sweaty head.  Since I like my longer, colored hair, this keeps me from constant shampooing…saves color and time.  FIND THE DOVE DRY SHAMPOO HERE.
I just recently discovered this mascara and really like it.  Because if my glasses, I tend to make up my eyes a bit more than I would otherwise and this is a good product, with volume and doesn’t smear in the heat.  FIND THE MASCARA HERE

The words cooling and comfy jumped on the package at me this first time I met these capri leggings.  Great for summer tunics or even a long dress!  Check them out HERE.


Hope These Help you to Smile!
Disclaimer:  The mascara and leggings were products sent for my review.  The words are my own.


  1. I have not read any good reviews (as written by registered dieticians) of Whole 30. I'm definitely going to try the tea!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jane. I have read some good reviews…especially on the subject of weaning off sugar. Also, it seems to be something that many do it off and on and it works for them. I am still in process of learning…so I will take what you said as part of the mix. Thanks

  3. Every restrictive diet has a 97% FAILURE rate. Dieters who lose the weight end up regaining everything (and 1/3 gain MORE) they lost within 2 years because they go on plans that are too restrictive and unsustainable long term. SO much more effective to learn how to stop overeating and emotional eating. But I wish you luck with it. I'll give the tea a try, though.

  4. It is not a diet. It is a whole food healthy eating plan…exactly what I have needed to do and learn. This is the antithesis of diet plans. I will write more about emotional eating later…I appreciate the concern and tone of your message though. I want to make sure no one thinks this is a weight loss diet.

  5. This tea looks right up my alley! I try to eat as healthy and clean as I can most of the time…but sometimes Lay's potato chips are my undoing. There is just something so intoxicating to me in their salty crunch.

  6. Hi Pam- the whole 30 is clean eating for 30 days. Those who have commented above about this ' diet' may not realize it's not a diet. With the whole 30 You quickly realize how much sugar is in almost everything that we purchase off the shelves of a grocery store. Also, you test as you reintroduce dairy, sugar etc. after the 30 days and observe how it makes you feel. Very telling! My husband and I committed to 30 days last September and it has changed the way we view food. Melissa's book Food Freedom is terrific. No more dieting! Just healthy clean food. We eat all types fruit and veg and protein etc. no weighing or measuring or points etc. i have found freedom with food after 40 years of ' searching' for the right diet. So many people have approached me me to ask me what 'diet' I've been on and looking for the magic bullet. For me, I've made the connection between how great I feel eating clean and recognizing How poorly I felt eating they way I was eating previously. I was able to make the connection. Happy and healthy!

  7. I'm right there with you with the emotional eating. I love something sweet at night to "wind down". Good luck on the Whole 30. Great plan…although I've never completed one. But it sure gets you thinking in the right direction about nutrition!

  8. Thank you, Marianne. You just stated beautifully all the reasons why I decided to read the book. I am not looking for a diet, but a lifestyle change. I will report back. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I am taking baby steps right now, Cathy. I have removed sugar from ALL of my drinks. I am trying NOT to eat after 6 at night…anything. But as soon as I can transition to eating completely clean, I believe I will be close to conquering the beast. Thanks for your openness and for sharing.

  10. Go and rock that Whole 30! My husband and I have done it more than once, and it makes you incredibly aware of how different foods affect you… if you do the reintroduction by the book, and not go whole hog on Day 31. It has taught me so much about my (post-menopausal) body, and how my system has changed, AND it has broken me of the tyrrany of the scale. Keep your eyes open for the NSV's! They are many!

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