Join In As We Discuss FRUMPY!

Blab is a medium long gone, but while it was here, we had some fun with it.  Here are three bloggers discussing a word we all try to avoid…FRUMPY!
Since this talk first aired on Blab, we have ceased to call ourselves the frump-busters as a group (though we all do it individually) and Susan has a new blog location, Susan After 60.

Happy Saturday!


  1. If I can interject a dose of harsh reality, here. Some women wear thrift shop, Target, and Walmart clothes because of poverty. And this means we are NOT cutting edge fashionable. It means our wardrobe is a bit piece-meal because we buy what we can afford….and not much clothing in thrift stores is sold in matching or coordinating sets. Beggars can't be choosers, as mom used to say. Try having a monthly clothing wardrobe of $20.00 and then talk to me about avoiding frumpiness!

  2. I want to encourage you. I have been a Goodwill blogger for five years. I use the same shopping rules in Goodwill that I do in any other store. You can find very stylish, fashionable, fit, non-frumpy looks at the lower end of prices. I have walked out of Goodwill with designer clothing for very little…one brand new Ralph Lauren jacket for $6. Frumpy has little to do with costs. It has more to do with wearing styles which do not fit well or build confidence. You can still value yourself and your appearance at a Thrift store. And let me tell you Target has some great styles. It is all about attitude. If you would like to talk further, just email me at I think I could help you spend your $20 well. You can leave frumpy behind on a budget!

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I really enjoyed what each of you had to say about fashion over 50. I am motivated to step up my fashion game this week thanks to y'all. I have learned so much from each of you. Thanks again for your great enthusiasm, expertise, and desire to empower older women. You are a blessing! ~ Sharon in Texas

  4. Pam, Jennifer, and Susan — THANK YOU for your wonderful blogs. While I have been following Pam and Jennifer for a while, I recently discovered Beth (Style at a Certain Age) and this video introduced me to Susan:). I'm in my mid-fifties and am currently rebuilding my wardrobe from the bottom up due to a big move (coastal NC to northern IL) and a big weight loss:) :). Being in a new town where I don't know anyone makes it very easy to run to the grocery store in a tee and leggings under a big coat, but I'm trying to up my game a bit, even though I'm now "retired." Would love to read more about comfortable but stylish footwear (knee replacement means no more heels for me) and beauty products and makeup routines for a polished look without necessarily going through a full makeup routine. LOVED this video — keep the blog posts and videos coming!

  5. Betsy, your comment just made my morning. I hope you have discovered some great shoe lines are my blog. I really do not miss heels…there are so many fun, comfy flats on the market know. I hope we can keep some videos coming. I will run another one from the past soon.

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