The event I told you about earlier this week was at a trendy, popular place in San Antonio called THE PARAMOUR.  When I saw this chair on their balcony, I immediately wanted a picture in it…actually, I wanted the chair for my office..queen-style at work!  It would not fit in my purse, so next best thing was to snap a picture.  You can imagine my disappointment when I put in the card and found all the pictures with a TRASH CAN proudly in the image!

I was so upset…all I could do it focus on that trash can and be sad the pictures were a bust.  But, were they?  Just as I was about to hit delete, a small voice of reason said CROP.

So, I did…and the image I wanted was there.  All I had to do was re-focus my thoughts.

Isn’t this what we tend to do every day?  We look in the mirror and just see the fat, or the gray, or the wrinkles, or whatever problem we believe we have.  Sometimes, we need the voice to say STOP and CROP.  Crop out the negativity and re-focus on what makes us special.  It may be your smile, or your eyes, or your complexion, or your hair…or all of it.  But, there is something special about you!

Please join me in throwing out the trash and focus on all that makes you the queen your are!  Life is too short to do it any other way!

Does anyone else usually see the trash first or have ways you avoid it?


Keep Smiling!

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