Roasted Vegetables: Easy and Delicious

I have been studying to learn more about food…not dieting…healthy, clean as possible…food.  Which means we are eating more vegetables.  We have a pattern on Sundays of eating a meal with roasted veggies.  They are easy and soooo good.

I start by mixing whatever fresh veggies I have on hand.  It seems that this dish is different each week.  Yesterday, we combined broccoli, a red pepper, mushrooms, carrots, baby tomatoes, a little celery, and a little onion.

I toss them with olive oil, a dash of sea salt, a dash of pepper, Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb flavoring, a pinch of chia seeds, and a pinch of flaxseeds.  Then I will pour them in a pan (this one has nonstick foil on it) and bake in the over at 357 degrees for 35 minutes.  If I include baby potatoes or brussel spouts then the time needs to be 45 minutes.

We ate these yesterday with some baked fish.  I will save the leftover to either take to work for lunch or even to toss with some veggie pasta for a meal early in the week.  This has become a favorite.

Learning to eat more fresh produce is something my whole family is striving for…and I am happy to say we are doing well so far!

What are your favorite ways to eat veggies??


Eat Healthy and Keep Smiling!


  1. Love this reminder about roasting veggies — it makes them taste so good, doesn't it? Inspired that you do this every Sunday — making it a routine in your schedule is such a fabulous idea. I'm going to copy your wonderful idea if you don't mind, Pam!

  2. I am also trying to increase my consumption of veggies. I love roasted veggies but hated how long they took to prepare in the oven, so I bought a Philips Air Fryer. Now I toss whatever veggies I crave- brussels sprouts and green beans are a favorite- and I toss them in a gallon plastic bag with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and kosher salt. I then place them in the air fryer basket, and 12 minutes at 390 degrees later… perfectly roasted veggies!

  3. I think as I am cooking less, I'm cooking worse. I'll try this – I love vegetables and don't eat more of them only because I have zero imagination about seasoning, cooking times, etc

  4. I eat mine roasted too. Hands down, my favorite way to fix vegetables. Brings out the natural sugars, and parts are crispy and so delicious! Eating them this way makes me actually crave vegetables! !

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