Yes, I am over 60 and Feeling Fantastic!  Today I am 64!  Can you hear the Beatles swimming in my
head?  Which lead me to look up the
lyrics to the song.  Yes, they paint a
picture of an elderly couple which is not really a modern day elderly couple…(I
do not think you will ever see me knitting by the fire)…but I do love to hold my
grandchildren on my knee!   It is not
really a song about getting older as much as a song about unconditional love, “Will
You Still Love Me, When I’m 64?”


This brings me to a perfect topic for my birthday post.  Do you love yourself unconditionally at the
age you currently are?  This is the crux
of the matter for those of us marching into our older years.  If we accept ourselves as older women, we
will discover more joy, contentment, and confidence.  But, if we are always trying to be younger
and go the other direction, then there is nothing but frustration and
depression on the table.  I am very
concerned about the number of young women I know in their 20s and 30s who have
regular Botox appointments.  What caused
them at such a young age to begin this process?
I submit it is an overall society message against aging.
Let’s face it….we age.
There is no way to stop the process, but I can do everything to look and
feel my best at the age I currently am.
When I see hashtags like #ageless, #agelesstyle, #anti-aging,
#agedistruption, I just have to laugh….nothing true about a single one.  In fact, sucking women into philosophies
which can encourage them to be twenty again is harmful.  I have accepted the fact I will not ever wear
a bikini…or have an completely smooth face…or rock short shorts…or many other things
from my past.
However, with my acceptance comes a freedom to be me at my
best right now.  True, I do color my hair,
but not to look younger, to look my best with my complexion and style messaging.   I have many friends who look fabulous with
their gray, because of skin tones and most of them use a colorist to get the perfect shade of gray. It is more about what is right for
me at this time….and about you doing what is right for you.   But, doing this for the
purposes of looking younger would just lead to depression for me…I am not going
to go backwards ever again.   This is why comparisons can be deadly to our state-of-mind.Most of you
know, I make style decisions based on the messages I send with my look from
head to toe…savvy, creative, approachable, strong, current.    All of
the adjectives must work together.  There
are many current styles which do not say strong and intelligent to me.  I am happy at 64 to have a career and wisdom
from experiences in my past.
I named this blog Over 50 Feeling 40 because I believe it
made a statement of hope and encouragement.
I did not name it Over 50 Looking
40 on purpose.   Traditional fashion
media often focuses more on the outside and not on the overall message of
confidence, wellness, and acceptance.  I
hope you will always find that here.


My new hashtag?
#ageacceptance  I do this in an
effort to encourage you to love yourself today at the age you are.  Hopefully, by beginning there, you will see
that age acceptance also means self- care at its best….inside and out!  It will put a smile on your face and a song
in your heart!  (Rather than trying to be
something we will never be again)  Life is too short to not live it to it’s fullest…confident with a smile on our faces.
64…and Smiling!
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