What’s Your Perfect Wardrobe for a Woman Over 50?

Do you know what makes up your perfect wardrobe?  Fashion designer and icon, Coco Chanel described the perfect wardrobe as one with black & white pieces; good shoes; plenty of dresses; polish; simplicity; and well fitting clothes.  Do you agree/

For me, the perfect wardrobe does one thing…Instills Confidence!  If you feel confident, strong, and joyful in your clothing, then perhaps your wardrobe is perfect.  I get to my confident point when  my wardrobe says I am intelligent, creative, approachable, current and strong.  I know I say it a lot, but for me it is about the messages and then I feel confident and know I look my best.

So, what is the perfect wardrobe for you?  What does it look like?

Please join in and share your thoughts…then…

Keep Smiling!!


  1. Perfect for me is classic pieces that I can mix and match. These are the quality pieces. Great fitting jeans in various washes, classic pumps and pointed flats, and boots. Simple, well fitting dresses to dress up or down. It doesn't take a lot of items to look chic. I get nervous with too much. Trends are fun in small doses, and only if they suit my personality. Just love good quality basics. And a ton of scarves!

  2. This sounds pretty perfect, Karen…I would agree with most of this for me as well! I stick to one wash of jeans..dark. And currently only own one pair of pumps…I do like the way you are thinking!

  3. Perfect for me are timeless pieces – jeans, jackets, T's, dresses – that I can update with accessories (purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves). I wear a lot of dresses because you just have to throw them on, add a jacket if you need one, and I am good to go. Sometimes I buy shoes without having an outfit in mind, and then a year or so later, I find the perfect outfit! Same with purses.

  4. I am lucky enough to have my perfect wardrobe: a bunch of special things that I love and hug, a few trendy things to play with for a year, a few basics for backdrops for all those trendy and special things, lots of shoes! and lots of accessories! And because most of my wardrobe is second-hand, I let go of things I don't love and give them away to my friends/coworkers/charity.

  5. I agree with you, Pam…. it is the clothes that make you feel confident, that feel right to you!! I do not work now, and I have a casual wardrobe. I do sometimes buy something that I find isn't quite right, but I sell it or donate it and move on! I like to feel that everything in my closet is wearable…. I don't want anything too big, too small, or "not right". I noticed when I worked in retail that many women simply went on the opinions of others. I tried to help them with their choices, and be honest…. but at the same time when they asked "How does this look on me?" I would ask them…. "How does this make you feel? Are you comfortable? Do you like this shade?" etc. 🙂

  6. The perfect wardrobe is one that is easy — comfortable clothes, well-made, simple to mix and match. Mostly comfort, though. Nothing worse than uncomfortable clothing.

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