Do you know what makes up your perfect wardrobe?  Fashion designer and icon, Coco Chanel described the perfect wardrobe as one with black & white pieces; good shoes; plenty of dresses; polish; simplicity; and well fitting clothes.  Do you agree/

For me, the perfect wardrobe does one thing…Instills Confidence!  If you feel confident, strong, and joyful in your clothing, then perhaps your wardrobe is perfect.  I get to my confident point when  my wardrobe says I am intelligent, creative, approachable, current and strong.  I know I say it a lot, but for me it is about the messages and then I feel confident and know I look my best.

So, what is the perfect wardrobe for you?  What does it look like?

Please join in and share your thoughts…then…

Keep Smiling!!

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