Sponsored PostSince I waited so long to begin to workout four years ago, I have experienced my share of aches and pains and I have tested many ways to deal with it!  I still experience some pain after a good workout and occasionally after an active day out and about, but pain management is in better control right now…more than it has been.  Recently, I was asked to test this new pain creme by TED’S…and shortly after I experience an elbow incident….I immediately tried the TED’S PAIN CREAM,,,and it worked better than any other brand I have tried.  There are several all natural ingredient brands and I have tried at least two others, but this one worked almost immediately, and was not greasy and did not have a strong odor with it.   The key points of the product are:

About the Pain Cream:

The pain cream is made from only two natural ingredients: resveratrol, the powerful anti-aging molecule found in red wine, and salicylic acid, which comes from wintergreen plants. The pain cream uses first of its kind neuroscience to not just mask pain, but to actually treat it.

What do I use it for?

Anywhere with unbroken skin that hurts. Think: tendonitis (that’s the reason the product was developed in the first place!), carpal tunnel (long hours at the computer keyboard, anyone?), muscle strains, bruises, plantar fasciitis (that awful pain some of us get in our heels from wearing shoes with bad arch support), and even itchiness.”

I am now a fan.  it is worth reading about HERE.  This will be added to my basket of tricks to manage pain…others include proper pre and post workout stretches and rolls, management of inflammation, and more movement than sitting.  It all helps.  Try TED’S and let me know what you think!


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words and opinions are my own.

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