Importance of a Day to Unplug

Today, I am taking a “Pam Day”… a day to unplug, unwind and dream of autumn, my very favorite season.  I believe it is critical from time to time…just for the sake of mental health…to step back and dedicate time to things we enjoy.   I was feeling the strain of being pulled in too many different directions.  I also tend to carry stress for others, especially family members.  So, just for one day, I lay all the stress down.

What will I do?  I plan to

  1. Decorate my house for fall…love my autumn decor
  2. Reorganize my closet and put away some of the super summery garments
  3. Take a walk in the neighborhood this morning in our unusual fall-like temperatures…we have to grab these moments when we can in San Antonio!
  4. Perhaps cook
  5. Definitely, light candles and reflect

I love working and I am blessed at my age to be working, but from time to time, it is healthy to step away…today is that day.  I hope you enjoy your Friday…and keep Florida and others in prayer with Hurricane Irma on the way…please continue to pray for those in Houston still affected from aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Do you ever take a full day away from your normal routine?  How has it worked for you or tell us how you deal with handling the stress of others in your life!

Keep Smiling….It’s Friday!


  1. What a fabulous idea Pam! I am taking a day on Monday for the very same thing. Like you, I carry around a load of stress, usually for others. Even though I know that is not productive, it’s something I struggle with (worry). So Monday is my day. I agree we need to do this for ourselves. It is absolutely essential. My favorite escape is to the national park close to where I live. I take a book, sometimes coffee, a notebook and a pen and spend as long as I need to with only the sounds of nature around me. I LOVE doing this. I am an introvert and need time to recover from too much “people time”, and getting away alone is soul-healing for me. I love your idea to light some candles and spend time reflecting, and walking is so beneficial. I walk with a friend each day on lunch hour and we both agree it is what gets us through the days! Really lifts your spirits! Enjoy your special day!

  2. Thank you, Karen. How wonderful that you live near a national park…I would be all over that! Glad to hear your day is coming up…enjoy! I know exactly what you mean about worry.

  3. Oh Pam, you are ‘preaching to the choir’ with this post. Like Karen, I am an introvert and need my alone time to decompress and recharge. I take a “me” day every other month or so and do many of the same things you’ve mentioned. I have a full-time job which I love, but that means my free time is limited. So it is important for me to make sure my time is balanced.

  4. I have never done this, Beth…where I just told my boss I need a day of rest and re-charge. I just finished my house decorating and on to the closet. I am already feeling better. Wish I had learned this before.

  5. Yes, Pam, September is Self Care Awareness Month as well as the month of my birth, so I do have plans to celebrate a #StopandPause day in a few weeks. It’s very important to unwind, unplug and relax, especially as we get older. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  6. Nina Puluso
    12:24 PM (34 minutes ago)

    to me
    This is such good advice and really spoke to me and my life. Yesterday after a wonderful and relaxing massage, I came home feeling stress-free (nothing short of a miracle for me), I said to myself, “Self, what is the worst that could happen if I don’t check voicemail or emails the rest of the day so as to not rough my mellow?” After all, I wanted to get my money’s worth out of the massage. Eventually the phone started ringing and the rest is history.

  7. Most of us wear so many hats that we find it hard to put on that “me” hat. I am retired, so when I take a me day, I usually go shopping & take myself out for a nice lunch. I love my husband very much, but too much togetherness is not good for either of us. I love fall as well & am planning to pull out those decorations next week. I hope you enjoyed your day & will be refreshed by it.

  8. I learned the hard way to stop putting me on the bottom of the list. I do not plan to do it again…take care of yourself, Jennifer!

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