Today, I am taking a “Pam Day”… a day to unplug, unwind and dream of autumn, my very favorite season.  I believe it is critical from time to time…just for the sake of mental health…to step back and dedicate time to things we enjoy.   I was feeling the strain of being pulled in too many different directions.  I also tend to carry stress for others, especially family members.  So, just for one day, I lay all the stress down.

What will I do?  I plan to

  1. Decorate my house for fall…love my autumn decor
  2. Reorganize my closet and put away some of the super summery garments
  3. Take a walk in the neighborhood this morning in our unusual fall-like temperatures…we have to grab these moments when we can in San Antonio!
  4. Perhaps cook
  5. Definitely, light candles and reflect

I love working and I am blessed at my age to be working, but from time to time, it is healthy to step away…today is that day.  I hope you enjoy your Friday…and keep Florida and others in prayer with Hurricane Irma on the way…please continue to pray for those in Houston still affected from aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Do you ever take a full day away from your normal routine?  How has it worked for you or tell us how you deal with handling the stress of others in your life!

Keep Smiling….It’s Friday!

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