This post is sponsored by Everpro Gray Away. All of the thoughts and opinions are my own

My hair has been the subject of a couple of lively discussions on this blog.  There are some who believe I should have a shorter length, and many who believe I should give it up and let the gray reign supreme.  I appreciate the thoughts, but just like I wrote last week with makeup… this is your own decision and you have to go with what YOU think is best.  I know there are many of us over 50 and over 60 ladies who want to keep our original color as long as possible.  I am one of those.  Whenever it does not feel natural or looks odd with my complexion, I will give it up.  Until then, I am so glad I have a product like Gray Away… which is a smart choice for me.


Everpro Gray Away is so easy to use and the most affordable I have seen of similar products on the market.   While it comes in both a powder and a spray, I prefer the magnetic touch-up powder. It is a temporary root concealer and takes me easily from appointment to appointment.  That is a budget stretcher right there.  I usually need to use it for a couple of weeks between my appointments and it covers gray hair perfectly.  It is also excellent in places where thinning begins…and I have at least one of those places getting started.  A little touch can take away the appearance of change. Here is what I look like when the color begins to go away…

I had my hair colored a couple of weeks back, so now the gray begins to pop out!

That is when I will take out this little sponge from the bottom of the compact and make it all go away.  It is amazing how the color matches and just flows naturally into my hair.  Then it looks like this…

I bought this Gray Away at Walgreens – easy in, easy out – because I needed to look great that evening.  I also can use my Walgreens Reward Card when I shop there… and that saves even more money.  I started using this card a couple of years ago and it has made a difference.  There is a corner Walgreens on my way home for quick stops when I do not desire to fight the traffic in larger stores.

For now, I love being a brunette.  I know the time is coming, perhaps too soon, when that will not be the case.  But, Everpro Gray Away keeps me feeling confident about my appearance and loving my current color.



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post but the words and opinions are my own.

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