Everpro Gray Away at Walgreens: A Smart Choice

This post is sponsored by Everpro Gray Away. All of the thoughts and opinions are my own

My hair has been the subject of a couple of lively discussions on this blog.  There are some who believe I should have a shorter length, and many who believe I should give it up and let the gray reign supreme.  I appreciate the thoughts, but just like I wrote last week with makeup… this is your own decision and you have to go with what YOU think is best.  I know there are many of us over 50 and over 60 ladies who want to keep our original color as long as possible.  I am one of those.  Whenever it does not feel natural or looks odd with my complexion, I will give it up.  Until then, I am so glad I have a product like Gray Away… which is a smart choice for me.


Everpro Gray Away is so easy to use and the most affordable I have seen of similar products on the market.   While it comes in both a powder and a spray, I prefer the magnetic touch-up powder. It is a temporary root concealer and takes me easily from appointment to appointment.  That is a budget stretcher right there.  I usually need to use it for a couple of weeks between my appointments and it covers gray hair perfectly.  It is also excellent in places where thinning begins…and I have at least one of those places getting started.  A little touch can take away the appearance of change. Here is what I look like when the color begins to go away…

I had my hair colored a couple of weeks back, so now the gray begins to pop out!

That is when I will take out this little sponge from the bottom of the compact and make it all go away.  It is amazing how the color matches and just flows naturally into my hair.  Then it looks like this…

I bought this Gray Away at Walgreens – easy in, easy out – because I needed to look great that evening.  I also can use my Walgreens Reward Card when I shop there… and that saves even more money.  I started using this card a couple of years ago and it has made a difference.  There is a corner Walgreens on my way home for quick stops when I do not desire to fight the traffic in larger stores.

For now, I love being a brunette.  I know the time is coming, perhaps too soon, when that will not be the case.  But, Everpro Gray Away keeps me feeling confident about my appearance and loving my current color.



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post but the words and opinions are my own.


  1. I have to say I think your hair color and length is gorgeous! I’ve seen so many horrible dye jobs, especially on older ladies. Plus, not everyone is blessed with such a thick, beautiful head of hair “at our age”. I’m a naturally greying person myself, but keep on keeping on Pam!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Lisa! I have a great stylist and Gray Away stretches the visits for me. Thank you so much.

  2. There’s no expiration date on looking the way you want. Your hair color is a huge part of your everyday look, so if you like being a brunette with shoulder length hair, you rock it. People always look to be validated in their own choices by someone public like you. Simply put, gray is a choice. Make that choice or don’t, it’s personal and only you know what is best for you. As for me, I love my dark brunette hair and will not stop coloring until I’m 6 feet under!

  3. I love the color of your hair, it’s warm and lustrous and looks soooo healthy! I’ve kept my color even tho I’m two years away from my 70th, although I’ve gone quite a bit lighter than the pitch black of my earlier years. Yay us for doing what we are comfortable with?

  4. I can’t believe you have spots that are thinning Pam! You have such full and pretty hair! I am another one over 60 who still colors my hair. I volunteer to fit wigs for cancer patients where I work, so I know first-hand what I look like with gray hair. We offer gorgeous (free!) wigs to our clients, so I tried one on to see how it would change the way I look. This was a beautiful style, longer, beautiful shade of gray. I looked so much older it was stunning. My sister tried one and looked wonderful. Some can do it, some not so well. Like you, I know a day will come when it will be time to abandon my brunette hair. It is still colored to my natural color. I think to ease into that time, I’ll do what Gloria (above) did and go a little lighter, a little at a time. But I’m not in any way ready for that yet! Just like I’m not ready to give up my shoulder-length hair! You look great, youthful, and should keep that color and style as long as you want! But the product you show here, that’s genius! I use root touch up that extends my color for quite a few weeks, but this would be great on the go (when I haven’t used the touch up yet!)

    1. I use to use the root touch up, but this is so much easier! I really like it better. I might have to try a wig sometime just to see what I would look like…and what a wonderful service you are doing with the patients. Thanks for all the encouragment.

  5. Thanks for the information. I’m heading to my Walgreens to get some Grey Away this afternoon. I think your hair and color are just lovely! My hair is about the same length but darker than yours. I do get compliments on my hair, but often think about letting it go natural, which would be about 80% grey, according to my stylist. I’ve seen some ladies that totally rock the natural grey and some that just don’t look that attractive. I’m afraid I’ll be in the scary looking group! Lol! So until then, I’ll visit Robyn ( my stylist) every 6-7 weeks! Love reading your blog! You are an inspiration!

    1. I think we will both know when we are ready, Jacqui. Let me know when it happens and thanks so much for the kind words and support.

  6. I am 57 and still wear my hair about the length yours is, though I am not blessed with such thick hair. I hate that nowadays older women are expected to hack their hair off into some androgynous boy-cut once we reach a certain age. Short hair didn’t look good on me when I was 20 and now that I am older it would make me look more of a hag than I already do. Your hair looks great and suits you. Don’t let anyone dictate what you do!

    1. Thanks so much, Annie! I have not ever looked my best in short hair…though I envy it on others. This is me. I appreciate the support.

  7. When women look at pictures of others who have “gone gray” I think you have to be very careful to look at the entire picture! Often the skin on those all gray women is just gorgeous which can, in a way, compensate for the gray color. Or so it seems to me. I have solid color PLUS foils every 2-3 months and color it myself in between. Works beautifully and I plan to keep on with the same routine for many, many years! For your readers: I use DeveloPlus Satin Haircolor at home, in between salon visits. Easy to use and is the best around!

  8. Please, please Pam, do not change a thing. You are very lucky indeed to have such thick and beautiful hair. Love the colour. I am 78 and mostly pure white, except for a band of red at the back and tiny bits at the side!! What to do – my hairdresser suggested a few highlights, matched the red and I love the effect, definitely not “in your face” just looking good.

  9. I’m gently envious of your gorgeous thick mane! I’ve struggled with thin hair most of my life, and now it’s getting even thinner. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should cut your hair or let it go gray. You have to decide what makes you feel beautiful. At 65 I’ve given thought as to whether or not I should take the plunge and go gray, but like you, I’m just not ready to go that route. I use a product similar to yours to disguise gray roots and thinning spots; it’s called Caboki. I might check out Walgreen’s version to see if it’s less expensive.

  10. Pam,
    As Eleni said, please Do Not change a thing. Your hair looks wonderful. It suits you perfectly. I decided to go gray at 60. I was hesitant, but was supported by my soon-to-be husband who said that he “liked gray.” I am now 69 and feel very comfortable with my hair and with myself. Feeling comfortable with who I am is a true perk of aging. I am sure many of your readers can relate. I agree that one should do what works at the time and then feel free to change if needed. Thank you for your blog! It is empowering. I look forward to it everyday.

    1. You are right, Martha. We all need to feel confident in our own clothes! Such a wonderful comment and I appreciate the kind words.

  11. Your hair looks thick, shiny, and healthy. I like it. It don’t look broke so don’t go fix’n it any time soon.

  12. About three years (!) before my 70th birthday, I asked my stylist to help me go natural by that date. Ever so gradually, she made the color less saturated. Then the last six months, when I went for haircuts, I alternated between color and no color. A month before the Big 7-0, my stylist colored for the last time. I’ve been pleased with it from Day 1. Now, over three years later, I still get compliments on my “beautiful hair.” I’m just another example of knowing when the time was right for me.

  13. I thought of this post last night when I saw a commercial for a national drug store chain featuring two ladies of a certain age who streaked their hair with purple for a class reunion after seeing the look on a younger women. They walked into their reunion with such confidence & flair. I think that’s the key to hair & makeup at any age. If it gives you confidence & joy, go with it.

  14. Really good post! At 62 my hair is your length but a darker brunette color. I am letting my bangs grow out but am giving that second thoughts as bangs really do look youthful and hide a lot of grey at the hairline. I don’t care for the androgynous short hair look simply because one hits a certain age or one’s mother did it but certainly some women rock it well!
    You look great and I am going to check out that camouflage powder!
    Do think the secret to great color/hair style is a good stylist otherwise things can go downhill fast….I pay the $$ to have it done and don’t regret it.

  15. I agree, Allison. I also pay to have a good stylist and she is known for color. I hadn’t considered how long I will have my bangs…I have had them most of my life. Now you have me thinking. Thanks for stopping by.

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