Shoes can definitely talk!  At least, that is what my younger self believed when I would reach for a pair of fashionable heels.  I wore heels to work in my 20s and 30s almost every day. But, according to my podiatrist, that is what ultimately resulted in bunion surgery.  Now, thirty years later, I have so many feet issues that I have chosen to just stick with flats.  I do own one pair of comfortable heels that I will wear for special occasions where there is not a lot of walking invovled.This is why I love a patterned flat…they still do the talking!  Especially when wearing a predominately neutral outfit.  I love these Sam Edelman mules and was even surprised to have my husband say that he loves them.  He thought they were really cool.  Sam Edelman makes a comfortable shoe, but has many fun styles.  I like mules alot….and having my heels exposed is not a problem.  Something I do for my feet is to get a regular pedicure…even during colder weather.  For me, a pedicure is more of a comfort issue that a beauty issue.  Do I wear them to work?  Yes!  In my neck of the woods, we can do this most of the year since we do not have constant cold.  I like them with a flowy trouser and a white blouse and jacket…they do have a little “preppy-style” to them.  Don’t you think?

Thesse and others below are on sale right now …40% off.  Check them out for some fun!  Have you ever worn printed flats??

Oh, and one more thing, since we are talking about shoes, I thought you might like to see my Cinderella-pumpkin on my front porch…a reminder to enter the house with all slippers on!



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