San Antonio: Don’t Forget GoodwillSa to Ease Holiday Stress


We are close to Thanksgiving with Christmas close behind and I am already preparing my home for family to burst through the door during both times.  For sure, this is a budget busting time of year.  But, I am so thankful for Goodwill SA.…our goodwill locations in San Antonio are simply the best.  I can find home furnishings, decorations, and even gift ideas and save big bucks.



I discovered this beautiful set of plates one year at GoodwillSA and they became gifts for co-workers with my home baked Christmas cookies on top.  Much better than red and green paper pates and the whole set only cost $5.


My decorations for Christmas are a hint of vintage, bed-and-breakfast like so I grabbed this little teapot when I first saw it.  I have several decorating themes including Santas, Snowmen, and little Christmas Trees.  The first picture features one of the Santa plates I found at GoodwillSA.  I have a whole set of Christmas coffee mugs which we use beginning the end of November through Christmas.  Everyone has a special mug for Christmas morning.


Now, for sprucing up the house on a budget, I have to confess that my favorite lamps in our home came from GoodwillSA.  I have shopped these lamps over several years, and not paid more than $20 for any of them.  Don’t worry about not having the money right now for quality…just stop buy any of the Goodwill SA locations.  It is so much fun to treasutre hunt.

But, perhaps what is most important is that our dollars go back into the community to provide job assistance, job training, and assistance for Veterans.  In fact, the location at Bulverde Road and Hwy 1604 houses a Veterans Center…something good to remember on Veterans’ Day. Check out the GoodwilSA Mission Here.  So, while you help your own bottom line, you help others as well.  Have fun shopping and enjoying the season!


Disclaimer:  I was provided compensation to shop at Goodwill and provide this post.  The words are my own. 


  1. Thank you for your post about GoodWill. It is one of my favorite places to find affordable treasures along with Salvation Army thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

  2. These are all great groups to support! I have been working with Goodwill for several years now and always been amazed at what they do here in San Antonio. I toured their facilities and seen the work first hand and it is impressive. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Saturday!

  3. Gal after my own heart! I love thrifting and have found some terrific buys! Whenever I have a party whether it be a tropical, birthday or tea party theme, I go first to Goodwill for inspiration and budget friendly finds ❤️??

  4. The only time I remember to shop Goodwill is when my sisters are visiting. They all shop Goodwill on a regular basis for the good deals.

  5. The Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in my area are regular stops for me … whether to drop off or shop. There are always treasures to be found. They are great community resources!!!

  6. Wonderful Goodwill you have there. I love the idea of gifting cookies on those plates! I’ll have to borrow that one! That little teapot is so cute too. I can imagine cozying up with some hot chocolate in that on a chilly morning!

  7. Borrow away, Karen…that is why I am here! I also like to find beautiful tea cups and fill them with flowers to give away for a friends desk. It is always a nice surprise.

  8. Thanks Jennifer…cozy is what I am going for! Most of the items I bring home from Goodwill were never used and still have original tags on them. It if fun to finally put them to use…these plates were like that.

  9. I love this post. You can get incredible deals at thrift shops, many of whom contribute to local charities. China is particularly abundant in these locations. Why not grab something beautiful and affordable? It also helps you not worry if it breaks or gets chipped:)

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