All I Want For Christmas

Of course, all I really want for Christmas is to have my family together and to just watch the faces of my grandchildren as they experience each moment.  But, I am often asked by those same people what I want for Christmas…so I made an actual list below…yes, the same woman who wants a vintage blanket ladder is the one who also wants Jo Malone Fragrance and jewelry.  But, I am really easy to please…as I have written before, gift cards to my favorite retailers are gold.  But, these gifts under my tree would bring a smile…now what do you want for Christmas…what would help you to

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  1. Christmas for me is when my family arrives and we’re all together. That is the best. And sitting quietly with only the tree lights on and some beautiful Christmas music, a hot beverage and pondering the reason that we celebrate in the first place. That’s it for me. If anyone asks, the answer is always Talbots gift cards, a book or a calendar. I like the little surprises, like pure maple syrup from where my son lives in New York, or small remembrances of things we did together (framed snapshots, a beautiful seashell, etc.) I’m also VERY easy to please. I’d rather be the gifter than the receiver! And I sure wouldn’t turn down any of the items you feature above! : )

  2. Although I love pretty things, this year there is nothing on my list that can be bought and put under the tree. God’s healing and peace for my sons would be the best gift. Merry Christmas to all, and I wish you love and happy times with family close.

  3. I love gifts that I can use up because I hate clutter: food, soaps, lotions, perfumes, pens, gift cards, etc. My favorite parts of Christmas are the chance to pause in my pajamas all day, celebrate the Messiah in worship with others, enjoy the lights, be with family and not check my cell phone!

  4. I join with you, Jane with your prayer requests and thank you for the wish…I have many gift requests just like this.

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