Almost 65? It’s All About Your Boom!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pfizer.

This time of year is one of the worst times to get ill. I have struggled with breathing issues most of my life and so did my mother. To be short of breath to talk, sing, or laugh; to gasp for air; to wheeze when breathing deep — these are all experiences I know and loathe. Whenever it is difficult to breathe deeply, I never want to do anything, which makes these symptoms worse and I become concerned.

I am so glad to have a doctor that I trust and who I know is looking out for me for the rest of my life. But, as many of you know, I am very active. I am almost 65 years old, my life is ripe with making memories with my family, and thriving while magazine editing, and blogging. I still plan to get a book or two done. I am out and about every week. So, remaining active and staying healthy are very important to me. There is so much work to be done and so much fun to experience. There are currently more than 46.2 million Americans age 65 and older1 and many of whom have very active lifestyles pursuing dreams and exploring new passions. We are booming!

Pfizer recently launched the All About Your Boom™ campaign to empower those 65 years and older to get a new attitude about the risks of pneumococcal pneumonia and the importance of staying up-to-date on the CDC-recommended vaccinations.

So, in order to stay active and be all about your own Boom, consider doing these things:

  1. Watch the All About Your Boom™ video (featuring Patti LaBelle!) by visiting com.
  2. Get a new attitude about pneumococcal pneumonia and talk to your doctor, as I did, about whether vaccination is right for you.
  3. Check out the Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Pneumococcal Pneumonia available at

We can always use a reminder to take precautions in order not let a vaccine-preventable disease stop you from doing what you love. Even if you are healthy, you can come down with a serious illness. It can happen to any of us as we get older. I am so glad there are vaccines available to help prevent diseases such as pneumococcal pneumonia, and urge all my fellow boomers to have a conversation with your doctor about this.

It is so important to stay informed!

1U.S. Census Bureau. Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Selected Age Groups by Sex for the United States, States, Counties, and Puerto Rico Commonwealth and Municipios: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2014.

Accessed September 21, 2017.

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  1. I have had the immunization but am not sure how often we are to get it. I keep forgetting to ask my doctor. I had one at 60 and am now 65. If you know the answer, please pass it on.

    I also get a flu shot each Fall and this year the pharmacist told me I needed the “old people’s shot”. I didn’t want to slap him since he was going to momentarily have a needle aimed at me so I let it go.

  2. Oh…It would have been hard not to strike back. Your restraint is impressive, Nina. He needs a new bed side manner!

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