Fashion Over 50: An Understated Holiday Look

San Antonio is one of those must-visit destinations during the holiday season, so when we went downtown this week, I decided to wear a little understated holiday attire and let the city do the talking.  

I went for a gray silk sleeveless tunic by Eileen Fisher, Joan Vaas black leggings, and a Talbots white sweater.  The embellishments were my Christmas brooch from the deceased Coldwater Creek, and these new shoes I found at Marshall’s.
It worked perfectly to go from work out on a date with my husband which included dining at the Market on Houston  Restaurant in the Gunter Hotel, and the stage production of White Christmas at the Majestic Theater.

We had a lovely evening and I liked my understated look!
We had a lovely evening and I liked my understated look!  It has been such a busy week which included a workout with my strength training class called The Twelve Days of Christmas…in 35 minutes…here is the workout
1 100 meter run
2 walking lunges (or squats)
3 Pull ups
4 Pike Push ups
5 Cleans (I used a 35 pound bar…a whimp compared to some of the ladies in my class)
6 Kettle Bell swings
7 Ball Slams
8 Knees to Bar (pull ups)
9 Goblet quats
10 Situps
11 Burpees
12 Thrusters
I am still in recovery….but I made it through to 11.  Remember this is after the song the 12 Days of Christmas, so you are constantly going back and repeating what was done before.  AND my class is at 5AM.  I don’t think I have ever been that tired after working out…but I know it eventually pays off!
Now, for my own 12 Days of Christmas Celebration…we are on #10
10. I love Christmastime because of where I live in San Antonio…it is a beautiful celebration along our Riverwalk.


  1. What beautiful images of your lovely city! And what a wonderful evening out! Your shoes are super cute, just love those!! Those Brussels sprouts, oh my! Those look amazing! I’m assuming that was part of dinner! You looked perfect for an evening like that. Was the stage production of White Christmas good? I love the movie and wonder how they compared. The workout sounds very intense. You can do pull ups? I remember those from gym class and could not manage those then and don’t think I could now. Or am I thinking of chin ups? Or are they the same. Regardless, that workout would wipe me out for sure. Good for you Pam that you are able to do this!

  2. I do a modified pull up for sure but have improved so much. My knees to bar pullups are basically lifting my knees. I am experiencing little victories, but nevertheless for someone who started working out so late in life, they are victories. I was very disappointed in the stage production…so sad to have to say that. They chopped the story up so badly and because of that, the characters were very one dimensional and difficult to connect with. The musical numbers were ok…but the dancing disappointing. It is the first production I have seen in a long time that I walked away glad it was over. That is really not me…but it was not good.

  3. The Riverwalk looks lovely! I am traveling to San Antonio next week for the first time and look forward to seeing this area. Currently debating which coat (if any?) to bring. What do you suggest? Was thinking about a basic trench as I figured anything with wool would be too heavy.

  4. I believe it will be in the 70s next week. You may not need the trench, but it’s good to be safe. It’s a beautiful time to be here! Have fun!

  5. Lovely post indeed. Outfit is perfect, not understated !! Shoes a good buy. I must look in my boxes for some broaches, I know I have some packed away somewhere. Thanks for the hint

  6. Pamela! I love, love, love San Antonio! Your post is reminding me of how beautiful it is! Also love your outfit and your post is reminding me that I actually have many of those elements already in my wardrobe. Hmmm! I have been promised a night out to a very new hotel with a rooftop bar, so I know my outfit now! Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  7. Don’t be too impressed…I really struggle through, but at least I show up and try! Thanks Jennifer…

  8. San Antonio is definitely on my must-see destinations!

    I am impressed with your workout, Pam! Wow! You should be very proud of yourself!

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