My closet said to me…wear fringe!!  So, I did.  I guess living in Texas I am somewhat attracted to fringe, but not in the excessive way I see around me.  I like it, but only have two garments with fringe and I do not have it on any accessories.  I never really liked fringe on necklaces, though I know it is a popular trend.This is a cashmere poncho sent to me last year from Chicos and it is super comfy and warm.  Which works well for my life outside of work.  But, I cannot wear it to wrap gifts…the fringe gets in the way!  I do like it though.  I do not wear cashmere often in a warm climate, but I love it and when the weather does get cold, my cashmere items are the ones I reach for first….so soft, warm, and they just feel luxurious.

Now, speaking of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I am going to share with you each day why I like the season so much.  I realize there are some of you who do not celebrate, so i appreciate your patience and will only do this at the bottom of each post.  This is for those of us who do celebrate the season and might enjoy some inspiration.


Many of our decorations and traditions were handed down from grandparents and great grandparents.  I always use decor from both sides of our family …like these stockings handmade by my husband’s grandmother.  I tell my children and now grandchildren where these items came from and why they are part of our celebrations.

Do you have any family decorations or traditions you have made a part of your celebrations?

Let us know….and…


KEEP SMILING (Though there are only 12 days til Christmas)

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