Recently, readers selected  adjectives you wish to communicate with your clothing, many of you selected the word “Current.”  I like the word…it is a word which says modern, fresh, and youthful all in one strong statement.  Sometimes, modernizing a style you have worn for years, can be quite simple.I have owned this knit boyfriend jacket for years and often wear it with black pants.  All I did to modernize the look was to add my faux leather leggings and this modern necklace.  Geormetric necklaces are currently in style and I found this one at a fun new local boutique for a very reasonable price. One of the Project Runway All Star winners is a talented designer named Anthony Ryan Auld (from San Antonio)  You may remember I carry a handbag from Anthony’s first boutique in San Antonio, called Ant Hill.  But, he is transitioning to a new boutique which is open now in our popular Alamo Heights area of town.  The new boutique is very cool.  I went by the other day to visit with Anthony, and this necklace caught my eye…then went home with me!  With the necklace and the change of pant, I had a refreshing current style.  It has taken some getting used to, but pant lengths have been all over the place for the past couple of years.  I now like the thinner pant with the ankle length.  It is the current  way to wear a pant.  Reading and keeping up with what is current, is important, so that you know how to refresh an old look in your closet.This is not a huge change, but one which keeps me current and communicating the adjectives I have chosen to say with my wardrobe.  By controlling all of my messages, I avoid buying into trends which might not be right for me.

How do you like to keep your wardrobe current?  How do you decide which trends to follow and which ones to avoid?

I selected a few cool necklaces for your consideration below!


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