April Brings Color Explosions, Celebrations, New Hair, and Fun Shoes

It’s April, and in San Antonio, that means color, color, color, Fiesta, more color,sunny days and fun! I am pictured here surrounded by leftover Easter eggs from the hunt with grandchildren…and preparing for more eggs which we call cascarones, filled with confetti.  This is the month when we celebrate Fiesta (I will write more about that later) and the city is literally exploding with color!  So, this topper I picked up last year in a boutique will be perfect for activities to start things off.

Today is the debut of another gorgeous pair of Rockport, Cobb Hill shoes…love these trendy, comfortable styles.  I am so thankful to Rockport of bringing a small heel back into my life.  These last two pair have been shoes I can wear all day at work and after work and my feet as so happy!!  Plus to have styles which are fashionable is such a plus.  I love these shoes!

The glass blown beads are from local jewelry designer, Susan Butler.  I first wrote about Susan HERE.  Her work is exquisite.

And now a word about my hair…Five weeks ago, I began a journey to keep some darker color yet stretch my appointments from four weeks to five or six.  The first round of highlights were so subtle it did not really tame the gray skunk line for very long…as I was hoping.  SO, this round of highlights is more pronouced with the blonde and I think will give me longer.  My family likes it alot…and I am warming up to it.  It is much different and lighter than before.  I will keep you posted on the changes and why I do what I do..but I am not ready to give up to my gray just yet.

Make sure you go HERE to register to win the $100 Sears Gift Card.  And I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  We certainly did.  I appreciate each and every reader who stops by this blog!  I hope you all



Disclaimer:  I was gifted these shoes from Rockport for review, but the words are my own.


  1. I think your hair looks terrific, and I really like this shorter length too. This color and length really frames your beautiful, warm, sunny face quite nicely.

  2. That necklace is gorgeous Pam, just amazing, and I love the colors in your jacket! Great shoes, just an all around great look! The color I saw this morning when I went outside was white. (It’s getting very old….) Your hair looks pretty. Like you, I’m trying to find a shade that gives me more time in between colorings, and found that going a shade lighter is now showing dark roots! So instead of my natural color of darker brown, and the subsequent gray roots, I now have lighter hair and dark roots. I know there is gray in there somewhere too, but it’s not pronounced so there is no way I can just let my hair go at this point and do it’s natural thing. I know that a lot of gray shades I see on women that are very beautiful are actually being applied, not natural. My grays are mixed with my natural dark brown and it’s not a good look!! You seem to have found a good way to do this with the highlights.

  3. Love the topper! The colours are fabulous. We are hoping for some sign or spring here, so looking forward to wearing that sort of thing. Your hair looks great with the lighter touches.

  4. Finally, you did it!
    I’ve been wanting to suggest a slightly shorter hair length but always held back for fear I would insult you. This is sooooo cool.

  5. I found this post interesting because I am trying to change my haircolor also. I am not letting it go grey but would like to lighten the color up. So far have had two haircuts/dye appointments and it is starting to change. I have short hair so will probably see the overall change faster than you. My hairstylist has colored my hair a darker brown the last couple of years. I want to lighten up the color as I think the dark is too dark for my coloring. I hope I like the lighter color. I like the color change on your hair.

  6. I’m going for color, too, inspite of the fact that it snowed in Columbus today.

  7. Your hair looks beautiful; only surpassed by your brilliant smile. Your post brightened this gloomy spring day in MN, where we could get up to seven more inches of snow. Oh no!

  8. I love your hair, the lighter color is very flattering and it looks great shorter OR longer, either way you have good hair at any length! I absolutely LOVE the colorful jacket. And the shoes are cute too! Have a great day Pamela! Thank you for your posts, I enjoy them very much ?

  9. Where did you get your topper? I love, love, love it!

    Also, your hair looks great!

  10. Your hair looks terrific. We had about 6 inches of snow this morning in NJ but it’s already melting. I am going out tonight and I plan to wear something bright. I’ve had enough of dour winter colors.

  11. Love the haircut and color both. I too had wanted to suggest a cut but I didn’t want to offend or make you mad! Totally not my intention, but just talking to you like girlfriends talk to each other… You look young and fresh! Very springlike!
    I too love those Rockports. Another shoe I’ve found lately that is very comfy and stylish is the Comfortiva ‘Faye’. I can wear it all day too!
    Thanks for the great pics..

  12. I wish I could send sunshine your way. I like my hair, but giving up the brown is very difficult for me. I feel I am on the right track with the highlights though…it will be awhile before I give it up and let the gray shine through.

  13. Thank you Lavenia…I felt good wearing this yesterday too! It instilled confidence which is what I go for.

  14. I like the highlights, Sue and it has helped me with a subtle move in the direction I will be in in a few years.

  15. I wish I could send all of you some San Antonio weather…it has been perfect for the Final Four visitors and fans.

  16. I am glad I could bring a little sunshine. In a few months you will hear me complaining about the heat!

  17. I bought it at my favorite local boutique, Andie and Barbara. Thanks so much

  18. Lots of people have asked me to cut my hair, Susan It is not that I am offended…I just really like my hair long. But I will try it like this for awhile…no guarantees that my long hair will not return. We all have to do what we feel most confident in. Thanks

  19. First off, your hair looks great. The topper is very pretty & will look good all summer long. Cute sandals & love the color on your toes. All in all, a winning look!

  20. Pamela, you look absolutely adorable. Love the outfit – all of it. I enjoy your fashion notes and tips very much indeed. You sure keep with all the latest !!

  21. My first thought was that you look gorgeous in these photos. Love your hair, Pam, and love yur outfit too. You always wear such interesting, creative and elegant clothes and accessories.

  22. I love your hair both ways! It is just gorgeous and I would trade my fine strands in a minute!

    Great outfit and I am on the hunt for these shoes! My biggest struggle (I know I’ve mentioned before) is finding comfortable + sylish footwear and these look like winners if my bunions agree!

  23. Loving the colors! The shoes are very good looking! Last but not least, your highlights are very pretty! ? ??

  24. I had bunion surgery, Janet. I do have a pin in my foot because of it, and these shoes are super comfortable….but I cannot say how they will be with bunions. Please let me know if you give them a try. Rockport shoes are so comfy!

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