Kimonos: The Warm Weather Wardobe Workhorses Over 50

As the temps go up, my favorite way to feel stylish and cool is by wearing a kimono, definitely a warm weather wardrobe workhorse!  Over the past few years, I have built a fun collection since they will help me to feel confident in the most oppressive heat.  I also love how well they work over a pant outfit or also over many dresses.

I must confess, though, that my husband is not a fan.  He prefers a look with more fit and does not believe the kimonos (especially the longer ones) to be flattering at all.  But, in summer heat and humidity, I often just want to feel confident and sometimes the looks with more fit are doing nothing but fitting around the sweat!! So, I try to make sure that the garments underneath fit well and are not too oversized.  Usually, I wear a column of neutrals underneath but I broke it up this time just to be a little different.

My favorite kimonos are fom Soft Surroundings!  I have several of them in my wardrobe.  They are wardrobe workhorses for me duing the summer.  I found some beauties for you to see in the slide show below.  But first……………….

What do you think?  Do you like the look of kimonos; or should I listen to my husband and do something else?



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  1. The more I see them, the more I like them. I like how they are light and feminine, and how they provide the finishing touch to an outfit. You look great in both lengths. And good for you for wearing yours in spite of knowing your husband is not a fan. Sometimes the opinion of someone we love impacts our choices, but it shouldn’t if we really feel great in something. It’s all about confidence and expressing our personal style. You wear kimonos well!

  2. Thank you, Karen. It is a much needed garment for me for summer and we began full blown summer temps this weekend. I understand what he is saying, but you are right…it is about confidence. Have a great week!

  3. They look very nice on you, but I won’t wear them. I’m too short and they really cut me off more.

  4. I can see there might be challenges for petite ladies, Sandy. THanks for commenting!

  5. I think you look fantastic in them but thus far, being short, I have not yet found any that work for me. However, I keep trying…living in southern California I know I would get a lot of use out of them!

  6. I will keep my eye out for petite sizing and get what I discovere posted, Deborah. Thanks for commenting.

  7. These are wonderful on you, Pam! So great for Texas weather and any occasion. thanks for linking up,


  8. I certainly like the look but I find that most are made of polyester and just don’t breathe. Just the thought of polyester makes me sweat.

  9. I have found many that are not polyester. Keep shopping around…I think it is more half n half!

  10. I agree – I LOVE kimonos! And ruanas! I would never wear a tank top alone (or even short sleeves! I prefer 3/4 length, but it gets real HOT down here in GA, too!) And since Kimonos come in many types of fabric – the light, summer-y ones are just right for work, church, going out, etc. I love the one you are wearing! My husband isn’t real crazy about my kimonos, either – but like you, I know what looks and feels good for me. If I gave in to all my husband’s preferences, my hair would be down to my hiney and I’d be wearing 4 inch heels! Naw – I don’t think so! 🙂

  11. I like them, especially during the warm weather months. I like layering and kimonos have a slimming effect in my opinion.

  12. Lately every time I read your blog I end up buying white pants, hats and now two kimonos!

  13. I love, love the top kimono. It looks so flowy, thus summery. But, I think the overall look would be better if your black tank top was just a little shorter making your legs look a bit longer. Other wise really like the over all look in fact enough that I want to rush out and shop for a summery kimono. Did you get the top kimono recent enough to tell us where you purchased this particular one.

    Your blog has become my favorite and look forward to each posting.

  14. You look great in both kimonos. But like Melissa, I stay far away from anything polyester. Sadly most of the really light flowy tops in our shops are polyester.

  15. Love that look. In this case I side with you, Pam and not your husband. As kimonos are not fitted I don’t find polyester that hot especially in buildings with frigid A/C.

  16. Great selection you put together, I like them all. You look really good in kimonos and ruanas. I have a semi-sheer cotton one. For me, nothing is cooler. I like column dressing so these are perfect. There are different lengths, styles and fabrics. It’s like any garment, some are not flattering but some are fabulous.

  17. I think most are slimming. I am wearing one later in the week that is not that slimming, but I like to wear it for casual days. Thanks Nina

  18. I love this longer tank, Esther. There are days I go shorter. I bought this one at Soft Surroundings a couple of years ago, but they have some lovely ones now too. Thanks so much for being here!!

  19. Some are…but there are kimonos that are not. I have a couple of silk ones…that I love! Thanks Pam

  20. Love them remember we are always right not our men lol. I am also not a polyester fan. Some of these would be great for warm spring and autumn days too.

  21. Love this look on you, especially the first one! Where are your pants from?

  22. You look fantastic in the kimonos. I am 5’2″ so I struggle with this look but would love to put together your first outfit.

  23. THanks Mary. These are Eileen Fisher pants and I bought them at Dillards.

  24. The kimono is from Soft Surroundings a few years ago. The black tank and pants are Eileen Fisher. I am glad that you like it!

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