What a great discussion on Monday about our Culture of Casual…well, this is my kind of casual.  I love my black, blue and white denim and wear all in cropped versions.  I also love to put a fun top on with accessories…always, great accessories.  That is where the creative message in my style really is shared.

Even when I am wearing casual, I try to remember that it sends a message about me.  Our clothing always makes a statement about us…like it or not!  I will leave the house with a smile on my face if I like what I see in the mirror.  This creative top is the LONGLINE TOP FROM SOFT SURROUNDINGS.

I always wear fun accessories…except when cleaning around the house or babysitting…but every other casual style, I will wear accessories.  They make a look.  But, there are so many fun tops on the market right now…just look through the slide show below and enjoy.  I alwys find fun tops at these places below!  And remember…Memorial Day Sales are coming up!


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