My Kind of Casual And What It Says About Me

What a great discussion on Monday about our Culture of Casual…well, this is my kind of casual.  I love my black, blue and white denim and wear all in cropped versions.  I also love to put a fun top on with accessories…always, great accessories.  That is where the creative message in my style really is shared.

Even when I am wearing casual, I try to remember that it sends a message about me.  Our clothing always makes a statement about us…like it or not!  I will leave the house with a smile on my face if I like what I see in the mirror.  This creative top is the LONGLINE TOP FROM SOFT SURROUNDINGS.

I always wear fun accessories…except when cleaning around the house or babysitting…but every other casual style, I will wear accessories.  They make a look.  But, there are so many fun tops on the market right now…just look through the slide show below and enjoy.  I alwys find fun tops at these places below!  And remember…Memorial Day Sales are coming up!



  1. Love this whole topic and your type of casual is my type of casual.I was taught to care about how I presented myself to the world by my mother and it is a form of self-respect.Your photos show how easy it is to dress well and casually by wearing basic pants with a patterned top and a colourful necklace, plus adding the right footwear.

  2. Loved the whole concept of your blogs and you made it easy for the people to get dressed in a better way.

  3. Love your kind of casual, Pamela! I, too, wear cropped or “boyfriend” style denim that are rolled/cuffed. And I love my capris – khaki, white and black. I can dress up or dress down with not only changing my tops but with shoe selection and jewelry – those same bottoms can go from a ballgame to church and look great! Love this discussion!

  4. Love your shirt Pam! The buttons are so unique and really add so much, along with the great pattern! I’m really looking forward to my visit to Soft Surroundings (coming up the end of next week!!) Your style of casual really resonates with me because I am more of a dressed up than dressed down person. I also love my jeans and even t-shirts, if they are NEAT and fitted, never sloppy. True story, when spring rolls around each year and it’s time to start cutting the grass again, I always realize I have no “work” shirts for this task, so I’m dressed nice even for that! I guess no harm there! I did enjoy all the comments on Monday also! It seems that many of your readers do agree with a nicer version of casual!

  5. I love your casual style. It looks comfortable and yet still polished. I have always taken pride in how I dress. I would say from a very young age. I have always loved clothes and accessories. HOWEVER, I do have a problem and not sure how to handle it. I have many friends and relatives who look like they they just really do not care. I always feel so uncomfortable when we are out together because I feel overdressed. The women I am referring to come from various have various incomes. Some even buy high quality clothes but they are just blah, like the color has been washed out. I find myself trying to dress down so I will not feel out of place! I also don’t want them to feel bad either??? Any suggestions?

    1. My suggestion is that you continue to look your best and own it! Why allow them to cause you to dress down? Keep being your fabulous self and be confident and one day they will want to do the same. Never settle for less than your best and never all someone cause you to be blah just to fit in. (As you can tell, I am pretty passionate about it!)

  6. Your look represents casual & classy. Even when I’m at home I always wear a bit of make-up & earrings. One never know who might come knocking on the door.

  7. Interesting top, I like the design combo. I always like how you make style statements with your accessories, usually a necklace.

  8. I really like this kind of outfit and it looks great on you. Black and taupe slacks or capris are my staples for everyday (when I am out and about) combined with a bright top and jewelry. I admire the way you accessorize, which really does make the outfit pop! I need to get my closet organized so I can more easily do that on a daily basis. Love your sandals—can you share where you got them?

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